Todd Brouillette Cloud Computing Technology Sales Leader


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Todd Brouillette was born and raised in Marin County. Following 16 years of Sales Leadership and over-achievement, Todd joined Oracle Corporation, which he has served with distinction for over two years.


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Todd Brouillette Cloud Computing Technology Sales Leader


Todd Brouillette Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal and Children’s Charity Todd Brouillette has always loved rock and roll. Today, the experienced Oracle Enterprise Account Manager operates a rock ‘n’ roll concert promotion company called Metal 4 Breakfast. Managing this business provides him the opportunity to raise money for local charities, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, as well as to find outlets for up-and-coming bands throughout the city. Metal 4 Breakfast promotes charity concerts featuring many talented musicians from around L.A. The most recent charity event featured Steve Stevens, Sebastian Bach and Billy Idol at the Viper Room in West Hollywood. This was Viper Room’s biggest event in over five years.


Todd Brouillette Creating Opportunities for Young Musicians Todd Brouillette creates opportunities for young musicians through his concert promotion company Metal 4 Breakfast. Brouillette is the founder and chairman of Metal 4 Breakfast, which promotes charity concerts throughout the Los Angeles area. A lifetime lover of rock ‘n’ roll, Brouillette genuinely appreciates the work he does, primarily because it puts him in contact with the growing, vibrant rock scene of Los Angeles.


Todd Brouillette Enterprise Account Manager and Concert Promoter Brouillette is also a concert promoter . Todd Brouillette is an Enterprise Account Manager for Oracle, a company offering comprehensive data storage and processing services to technology-based businesses. . He founded a promotion company that books concerts for rock n’ roll bands in and from the Los Angeles area, particularly with regards to charitable events. He enjoys success as the leader of Metal 4 Breakfast.


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