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WEB DuBois : 

WEB DuBois VJ Jellouli Mordan Eslinger

WEB DuBois : 

WEB DuBois Born William Edward Burghardt DuBois

Early life : 

Early life Born February 23, 1868 Great Barrington, MA Black made up less than 1% of the population DuBois disturbed by racism Worked for New York Globe at 15 Encouraged radicalism Didn’t have enough money to go to Harvard Went to Nashville with scholarship from Fisk University Experienced more racism in the South Earned enough scholarships to attend Harvard

As a scholar…. : 

As a scholar…. 1891 – Got his master in arts 1895 – Got his doctorate in history from Harvard 1896 – 1897 he became assistant instructor in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania Published two books “The Suppression of the African Trade to the United States of America” and “The Philadelphia Negro: a case study”

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