Toby Larocque, A Great Entrepreneur and A Sportsperson


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Toby Larocque, is a successful businessman. He has also a great passion for soccer, sports-fishing, wake-boarding etc.


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Toby Larocque: An Inspiration to Other Entrepreneurs


As a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore, Mr. Toby Larocque currently runs NebuCore in association with his business partners. He's also involved in operating two independent charter operations in Mexico, which proves that he is fond of deep sea fishing . With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Mr. Larocque had tried his hands in different industries. He had started around 11 companies throughout his journey, out of which, some were closed, some were sold out, and some are still running till date. Introduction


Let's Turn The Pages of 'HISTORY' Since his childhood, Mr. Larocque wanted to be known as a great entrepreneur. He completed his graduation in Business Economics and Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2000. After completing his graduation, he accepted his very first job in a public accounting firm. However, he soon took a decision that has completely changed the paths of his life.


Toby Larocque: A New Face in the Corporate World Toby Larocque started his very first firm in the corporate world with the name 'Firefly Imports'. To make this business a success, Mr. Larocque with his partner travelled to Indonesia. After putting a lot of efforts, this business was started doing well, however, due to a sudden downturn in the economy, he was left with no other option, but to close this firm. However, Toby Larocque didn't give up, in fact, he moved on to a new venture. His new venture was to deal with the fishing charter operations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Seriously, what an amazing change it was!


The Unpredictable Life of an Entrepreneur They say, “The life of an entrepreneur can't be predicted”. And that's true. His great passion for internet marketing and web development brought him into both the businesses. With these businesses, didn't he learn how to create an online presence over the web, but also, how to enhance the customer base. Toby Larocque formed another business, which was to provide web application and marketing solutions to his clients across the globe. The name of the company was 'Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC.' With his hard work and innovative ideas, he took this business to the next level, which also helped him in making huge earnings.


A New Journey in the World of eCommerce After a huge success, Mr. Larocque didn't stop and started another company, namely Killer Filter, Inc,. He started the company with the industrial filtration as a prime product. As per his expectations, this company also did very well. Later this company was sold out. However, Mr. Larocque formed a new company again using the same platform as that of his previous business. The name of the company is NebuCore, which is still running till date. The main business of this company is to provide customized and cost-effective eCommerce solutions to small to mid-sized businesses.


Upcoming Events To promote tourism to the Baja California peninsula, he will attend a fishing tour in Mexico this year. Toby Larocque is planning to open NebuCore office in India in October, 2016. He is proud to be a part of the initial setup and operations.


Toby Larocque: A Great Personality Mr. Toby Larocque is now 38 and besides handling various business related activities, he manages to get spare time to enjoy Wakeboarding. He is fond of deep sea fishing, hence, he never misses a chance to make the most of sport fishing. To sum up, Mr. Larocque is very hardworking, who believes in taking decisions first and then put efforts to make them right. He's a great personality, who inspires other entrepreneurs.


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