Toby Larocque: The Untold Story


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Toby Larocque, who is currently the VP Operations at NebuCore, which is a cloud-based business management software. Toby completed his graduation with specialty in Business Economics from UCSB in Santa Barbara in the year 2000. Till date, he has worked with several organizations such as Killer Filter, Inc., Targeted Advertising Solutions and PV Marlin Sportfishing.


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Toby Larocque: The Untold Story:

Toby Larocque: The Untold Story


Toby Larocque is a renowned name in the business world. He has earned his name and reputation with a lot of hard work and strong determination, which is very commendable. At present, he is working as a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore. Besides managing this company successfully, he's also involved in operating two independent charter operations in Mexico. Throughout his professional journey for more than 15 years, Mr. Larocque tried his hands in various ventures. He started near around 11 companies in different industries. Out of these 11 companies, some were closed, some were sold out, and some of them are still running successfully till date. Let's have a look into his life in the upcoming slides.

Let's Go Back Into the Past:

Let's Go Back Into the Past Since his childhood, Toby wanted to become a great entrepreneur. He was very good at studies, which is why, he graduated magna cum laude in Business Economics and Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2000. After leaving the university, he accepted his first job at a public accounting firm. However, he soon made a decision to enter the business world.

A New Professional Life Begins:

A New Professional Life Begins 'Firefly Imports' was his very first venture he entered the business world with. To make this venture a big success, Mr. Toby put a lot of efforts. However, due to a sudden downturn in the economy, he had to close down this venture. Even after the failure of his first venture, Toby didn't give up. He came with another business idea instead. He thought of starting a new venture which was to deal with the fishing charter operations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What a big chance it was!!!

A Lot More to Achieve:

A Lot More to Achieve His great passion for the internet marketing and the web development enforced him to know more about these businesses. And hence, he got to know how to create an effective online presence while enhancing the customer base. The very next venture started by Mr. Larocque was 'Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC.', which was to provide effective web application and marketing solutions to the global clientele. Killer Filter, Inc, is another company, which was also started by Mr. Toby Larocque. This company was formed with the industrial filtration as the prime product. As per the expectations, the company did really well. However, it was later sold out. NebuCore, a till date running company, was the next creation of Mr. Toby Larocque, which was formed to offer customized and cost-effective eCommerce solutions to the businesses.

Toby Larocque at Present:

Toby Larocque at Present At the age of 38, Mr. Toby Larocque owns several businesses and he still manages to get free time to enjoy deep sea fishing. Toby Larocque is a gem of a person, and a true inspiration to many individuals, who wish to become a successful entrepreneur like him. We all should respect him and ignore the rumors that damage his reputation.

Contact Details:

Contact Details Phone: 8057574999 Email: To know more about him, visit

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