Saving to your USB pen drive

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How to save to your USB/pen drive


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Saving to your “pen” drive : 

1 Saving to your “pen” drive This presentation shows you how to save your files onto your USB “pen” drive on a “Windows” computer

Slide 2: 

2 Plug in your “pen drive”….. Locate the USB sockets on the computer Push the “Pen” drive into one of the sockets

Slide 3: 

3 Start typing your work….. Before you type more than about half a paragraph, it’s a good idea to save your work and give it a filename Open the program and begin typing…..

Slide 4: 

4 Click “File”… then “Save as…” Time to save…..

Slide 5: 

5 USB Drive…(E) Click your USB drive name listed under “My Computer”. This usually shows up as the “E” drive Then click the “Open” button Save to your “pen” drive…..

Slide 6: 

6 Give the file a meaningful name….. Don’t forget to name your file – something unique to that document USB Drive…(E)

Slide 7: 

7 Then click the “Save” button Click “Save”….. USB Drive…(E)

Slide 8: 

8 Your filename now appears in the title bar Watch the title change…..

Slide 9: 

9 Now you can continue typing your work Continue typing…..

Slide 10: 

10 Keep saving at regular intervals….. …then “Save” Click “File”….

Slide 11: 

11 When you have finished….. Then click “Close” Click “File” X Or click the “X” instead

Slide 12: 

12 If you close the file without saving your work….. Click the “Yes” button.

Slide 13: 

13 Remove the “pen” drive safely….. Click the green arrow in the icon tray and then the “USB” device Wait until this message appears

Slide 14: 

14 Take out the “pen drive”….. Locate the USB sockets on the computer Pull the “Pen” drive out of the socket

Don’t forget…. : 

15 Don’t forget…. It’s a good idea to save to both your network drive and your “pen” drive. Don’t remove the “pen” drive until you see the “Safe to remove hardware” message. If you don’t, you may corrupt your drive and lose your work!

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