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Various Slides covering what we are going to study this year.


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7th Grade Science : 

7th Grade Science A Year in Preview

This Year You Will…. : 

This Year You Will…. Learn Teach Analyze Observe Evaluate Report

We will Study Ecology : 

We will Study Ecology How Things Interact Around Us…???? Bottle Biology!!!! Owl Pellets Relationships (NOT DATING!!!) The Great Lakes Ecosystem Rainforest Researchers

Rocks and Minerals : 

Rocks and Minerals What Kinds are there???? How Are they Formed? How does the earth Change? We will study Soil. What is Erosion?

Paleontology… : 

Paleontology… Does anyone know what that means? The Fossil Record Geological Time Start thinking about being able to address controversy!

The Study of Matter : 

The Study of Matter Chemistry How things change… Will we burn down the school this year? Fun Labs!!!

Study Waves and Energy : 

Study Waves and Energy Sound Waves, seismic waves! Waves on the water! Light Energy Solar Energy

Projects this Year : 

Projects this Year Science Collection Rainforest Researchers Lab Reports Station Work! Research Projects Survivor Island

Our Website : 

Our Website

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