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Energy Pyramid : 

Energy Pyramid Basic Ecology

Transfer of Energy : 

Transfer of Energy When a zebra eats the grass, it does not obtain all of the energy the grass has (much of it is not eaten) When a lion eats a zebra, it does not get all of the energy from the zebra (much of it is lost as heat)

Transfer of Energy : 

Transfer of Energy The two (2) previous examples of energy transfer show that no organism EVER receives all of the energy from the organism they just ate Only 10% of the energy from one organism is transferred to the next – this is called the 10% law

Food Chains : 

Food Chains The energy flow from one organism to the other is know as a food chain A food chain is simple and direct It involves one organism at each trophic level Primary Consumers – eat autotrophs (producers) Secondary Consumers – eat the primary consumers Tertiary Consumers – eat the secondary consumers Decomposers – bacteria and fungi that break down dead organisms and recycle the material back into the environment

Food Chain : 

Food Chain

Slide 6: 

Producers: Primary Plants Forms the Largest Group of Organisms Primary Consumers: Feed Exclusively on Plants. Secondary Consumers: Eat other organisms from below. The size of the organism increases, but the number of decreases. Tertiary: have few enemies. This level usually contains very large animals.

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