Are you Still Worried about How Long Does Transmission Repair Take?


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Come with your car & Ask a expert mechanic about How long does transmission repair take. Here at TLC Auto Care, You can save time and money with regular transmission service for your vehicle. Call us today on 425-821-4333!


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Choose “TLC Auto Care” As Your Best Choice for Transmission Repair near Kirkland, WA:

Choose “ TLC Auto Care ” As Your Best Choice for Transmission Repair near Kirkland, WA Visit Our Official Auto Shop Website : “Your Eastside's One-Stop Auto Repair Shop in Kirkland, WA”

Are you Wondering about How Long Does Transmission Repair Take?:

Are you Wondering about How Long Does Transmission Repair Take? If you are looking for an Answer of " How long does transmission repair take ?", then you can get a variety of different answers over the web, but As per Expert mechanic, The short answer is that it depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the complexity of your transmission, and the capabilities of your chosen repair shop. Having your transmission serviced can take anywhere from four days to two weeks and can cost you thousands of dollars. Generally, Average two-hour transmission services should be done every 30,000 - 60,000 miles which can help prevent you from having to ask that question at all. Let’s Discuss your Auto Mechanics By Calling on 425-821-4333

Everything you Need to Know About Regular Transmission Service!:

Everything you Need to Know About Regular Transmission Service! Most of the conscious drivers know that the transmission plays an important role in your vehicle. The transmission takes the power generated from the motor and directs it to the wheels. In short, if your transmission isn't working your vehicle won't move! You should know the below questions to ask your mechanic about transmission: Why Does the Transmission Fluid Need to be Changed? Just like a motor, the transmission uses a range of fluid to lubricate the internal moving parts. Transmission fluid also assists as a form of coolant in your transmission. Over time, the fluid becomes impure by tiny pieces of worn clutch material and metal shavings. This is frequent, but if your transmission fluid is not replaced on a regular basis, the contaminants start clogging passages and wedging themselves between moving parts inside your transmission. This causes the transmission to work harder and generate more heat. This can extensively shorten the life of your transmission. What is a Routine Transmission Service? A regular transmission service consists of draining the old transmission fluid, dropping the transmission pan and cleaning it, altering the transmission filter, filling the transmission with the correct transmission fluid type, reinstalling the pan with a new gasket. Schedule your Appointment Online today:


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