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The “Great” War:

The “Great” War causes of WW1

Title Text:

Title Text What do you see? Make observations, Reflect, ask questions! (open your book to a map of Europe)


Peace? European largely at peace for 30 years. Peace? attempts to outlaw war Peace? Hundreds of peace organizations were active Peace? 1843 & 1907 Peace Congress

Title Text:

Title Text Body Level One Title Text Body Level Two Title Text Body Level Three Title Text Body Level Four Title Text Body Level Five Why were Europeans so concerned with Peace? (Think about the last Unit)Infer

Cause: Imperialism :

Cause: Imperialism Cause: Imperialism Imperialism: policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically, or socially. Cause: Imperialism Europeans nations looked to Africa and Asia for new markets, labor, and natural resources Cause: Imperialism Competition creates tension and rivalries between European countries

Talk to your partner:

Talk to your partner How would you feel if your neighbor was accumulating weapons? What would you do?

Cause: Militarism:

Cause: Militarism Militarism: A policy of glorifying military power and keeping a standing army always prepared for war. Cause: Militarism By 1914, All “Great Powers” of Europe had large standing armies (except Britain) Cause: Militarism They had detailed plans for mobilizations

Talk to your Partner:

Talk to your Partner Why or When is it appropriate for one country to provide military aid to a “friendly” country? Talk to your Partner Talk to your Partner

Cause: Alliances:

Cause: Alliances Alliances: a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes. Cause: Alliances Purpose of alliances = keep peace in Europe Cause: Alliances Rivalries and mistrust led to many military alliances

Un-Peaceful Alliances:

Un-Peaceful Alliances Bismarck, leader of Germany, distrusts France (Franco-Prussia War) Un-Peaceful Alliances Bismarck creates alliances to leave France without allies Un-Peaceful Alliances Bismarck Allies = Austria Hungary, Italy, Russia Otto Von Bismarck

Un-peaceful alliances Cont.:

Un-peaceful alliances Cont. Kaiser Wilhelm II takes power in Germany (1888) Un-peaceful alliances Cont. In 1890, he allows treaty/alliance with Russia lapse Un-peaceful alliances Cont. Russia creates an alliance with France (1894) and Great Britain (1907) Kaiser Wilhelm II


Alliances Body Level One Alliances Body Level Two Alliances Body Level Three Alliances Body Level Four Alliances Body Level Five

talk to your Partner:

talk to your Partner How do we celebrate america? Why do we celebrate our country?

Cause: Nationalism:

Cause: Nationalism Nationalism: deep devotion to one’s nation/Extreme Patriotism Cause: Nationalism Most pre-war Europeans believed in the cultural, economic and military supremacy of their nation Cause: Nationalism newspapers full of stories with nationalist rhetoric and inflammatory stories or rumors about rival nations

Armenian Nationalism:

Armenian Nationalism Armenians hoped for independence from the Ottoman Empire Armenian Nationalism In response to independence efforts, Turkish troops murdered tens of thousands of Armenians (known as the Armenian Genocide) 1915-1917 Armenian Nationalism Turkish government deported 2 million, over 600,000 died of starvation

Serbian Nationalism:

Serbian Nationalism Serbians gained independence from the Ottoman Empire Serbian Nationalism Serbia wanted to extend its borders and unite other Slavic people Serbian Nationalism Serbia's neighbor, Austria-Hungary worried that the slavic people in their country would rebel. Serbian Nationalism Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia & Herzegovina, areas with a large slavic population (1908) Serbian Nationalism This causes tension between Serbia and Austria Hungary

Cause: “The Spark”:

Cause: “The Spark” On June 28th 1914, the heir to Austria Hungary and his wife went to Serajevo, capitol of Serbia. Cause: “The Spark” 19 year old, Serbian Gavrilo Princip shot an killed the couple Cause: “The Spark” Princip was a member of the Black Hand, who wanted to “free” Bosnia from Austrian rule Gavrilo Princip

Road to WAR:

Road to WAR Austria Hungary decided to use the murder to punish Serbia Road to WAR Austria Sent Serbia a list of demands Road to WAR Serbia agrees to most of Austria’s demands Road to WAR Austria Declares war Road to WAR Russia, a Serbian ally, mobilizes it troops to the Austrian and German borders Road to WAR Germany declares war on Russia and France

And the war begins:

And the war begins Body Level One And the war begins Body Level Two And the war begins Body Level Three And the war begins Body Level Four And the war begins Body Level Five

Talk to Your partner:

Talk to Your partner Knowing how the war unfolded, what would you have done differently to stop the war from occurring?

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