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This presentation forms an outline of the basic steps for promoting any business online.


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Free Website Promotion Tactics : 

Free Website Promotion Tactics The Quick Course This course is full of hyperlinks to websites. Feel free to click on any of them during the presentation. For more promotion tactics go to my online business tactics website. Go to Author Stream to download this presentation for your computer or iPod

The Game Plan : 

The Game Plan To dominate the first page of Google for profitable keywords that are in high demand that relate to what you are selling To create your own web that builds your name brand. This presentation will develop an overall plan to dominate profitable keywords on Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

The Components of Your Web : 

The Components of Your Web

The Order of Events : 

The Order of Events Research keywords. I like to use Micro Niche Finder. Make a great website Take some photos (if applicable) and add them to Flickr Make a video (if applicable). I like to use Cam Studio Pro for screen capture videos. Create a lens on Squidoo. Make a Hub Page. Build a Webjam. Write a Knol. Create a PowerPoint and upload it to Author Stream. Write three quick articles, no more than 300 words Get everything indexed and track results Tweet on Twitter Go social on Delicious

Make A Great Website : 

Make A Great Website Webeasy Pro is a good program Webjam is better in some ways Download NVU for free. It’s a must! Use your tags, meta tags, and alt tags. This is all for SEO Track your visitors so you can increase conversion

Research Keywords : 

Research Keywords Pick keywords that are in high demand with little competition. Micro Niche Finder does a great job finding those keywords.

Take Some Photos (if applicable) : 

Take Some Photos (if applicable) Your photos would then be added to Be sure to add your keywords in the “tags” box. Flickr is constantly indexed by the search engines, taking up one of the top 10 spots on the first search page.

Make A Video (If Applicable) : 

Make A Video (If Applicable) Using the Flip video camera is simply the easiest way to add video to your presentations. If I want to capture video from my computer screen, like a tutorial, then I use Cam Studio Pro. It’s cheap and easy to use. Then upload the video to You Tube. Be sure to include links to your website and your researched keywords.

Create a Squidoo Lens : 

Create a Squidoo Lens What is a lens? A lens is simply a website that uses web 2.0 features. Web 2.0 is Internet technology that enables visitors to interact with websites. It’s cool and fun. Squidoo is free to use and can make you money a few different ways. Basically all you need to focus on is to make a good lens that has valuable information that relates to your keywords.

Make A Hubpage : 

Make A Hubpage Hubpages are just like Squidoo lenses. All you do is create content that is related to your researched keywords. Make sure you include links to your website, that will help generate traffic to your site.

Build A Webjam : 

Build A Webjam Webjams are the best service on the Internet hands-down. You can get your own webspace for free. Plus the tools available are outstanding. I highly recommend creating a webjam and having it be the place to send all your web traffic to. As always, include keywords in everyting you do on your webjam. Sometimes I get traffic to my webjam without doing any promoting at all.

Write A Knol : 

Write A Knol “A knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.” Knol is a new service provided by Google. This service is similar to Squidoo and Hubpages. You can even make money from your Knol by selling advertising. There are also a growing list of cool tools you can add to your Knol

Create a PowerPoint Presentation : 

Create a PowerPoint Presentation When you’re done, upload it to Author Stream. This is a free service that will save your presentation on the Internet. You can also add tags to the description that can help the presentation show up at the top of the Google rankings. You can even add sound and links to your website from within the presentation. That is exactly what I’m doing with this presentation right now. You can even turn the presentation into a podcast with this free service

Write 3 Articles : 

Write 3 Articles Don’t make this a big deal. You’ve already written lots of content about your keywords. Take what you’ve written on Squidoo, Hubpages, Knol, and the PowerPoint to help write the article. When you’re done with all three, submit them to Ezine Articles. It’s free and you can get lots of traffic through this service. I got thousands of hits to my site when a newsletter picked up one of my articles. This step is crucial. Be sure to work your keywords naturally into the title and body.

Add A Doc To Scribd : 

Add A Doc To Scribd Scribd is another free service that distributes word documents online. Add your researched keywords to the tags and watch your document show up on Google within 24 hours usually! You should write your articles on Word. Then after the article is approved on Ezine Articles, then post it on Scribd.

Get Indexed and Track Results : 

Get Indexed and Track Results Getting your site indexed quickly on Yahoo and Google is necessary for Internet success. Watch this quick video on how to do this for free. When all this is done. You will need to track the visits to your websites. You can do this for free using Google Analytics.

More To Come… : 

More To Come… Be sure to visit my website - online business tactics regularly for new marketing tutorials. Each tutorial will include videos and presentations on exactly how to implement each step of the plan outlined in this presentation.

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