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Starbucks : 

Soichiro Takeda, Miho Kaizuka Gansukh Khurelbaatar, Asuka Doi Starbucks Presented by:

Slide 2: 

The Frappuccinos 3 types of Organizations For profit Organizations Public Organizations Non-profit Organizations Manage and Management

Managerial Function s : 

The Frappuccinos Managerial Function s

Slide 4: 

The Frappuccinos Efficiency Effectiveness

Type of Managers : 

The Frappuccinos Type of Managers

Slide 6: 

The Frappuccinos Management Structure STARBUCKS’ type of organizational structure is functional structure It is functional structure which is an organization structure composed of all the departments that an organization requires to produce its goods or services.

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The Frappuccinos Organizational Structure

Slide 8: 

The Frappuccinos Planning Planning is process managers use to identify and select appropriate goals and the actions the organization uses to reach its goals. Strategy is the decisions and actions managers take to help an organization attain its goals. It is a three –step activity

Slide 9: 

The Frappuccinos Three Steps Determine Organizations mission or goal (Mission Statement) Formulate (Strategy create a plan) Implement

Slide 10: 

The Frappuccinos This is planning exercise in which managers identify organizational Strengths Weakness Environmental Opportunities Threats S W O T

Slide 11: 

The Frappuccinos Five Forces Model This model helps managers isolate particular forces in the external environment that are potential threats. Level of competition among organizations in an industry Potential for entry into an industry Power of suppliers Threat of substitute products

Slide 12: 

The Frappuccinos What is decision –making? The process managers use to allocate resources and respond to threats and opportunities. Types of decision-making -Programmed; following habit or routine -Non-Programmed; unpredictable

Steps of decision-making : 

The Frappuccinos Steps of decision-making Step 1: Recognize need for decision ⇒make a new kind of drink Step 2: Generate Alternatives ⇒Frappuccino;Vanilla, Caramel, Coffee,        Espresso, Honey, etc・・・・・ Step 3: Evaluate option ⇒Advantages;customer can enjoy new taste           &at the time or situation ⇒Disadvantages;different palate of each country

Step 4: Choose option : 

The Frappuccinos Step 4: Choose option ⇒make a Maccha frappuccino Step 5: Implement option ⇒sell Step 6: Learn from feedback ⇒Research sales

Slide 15: 

The Frappuccinos Let’s see how big Starbucks is

Chapter 4 : 

The Frappuccinos Chapter 4 Ethics Code of ethics 1. work with honesty, avoiding conflicts of interest. 2. provide inside and outside constituents with appropriate information. 3. comply with all applicable governmental laws other company’s requirements. 4. act in good faith, responsibly, with diligence. 5. respect the secretly of information acquired in the course of their work except legally. 6. making changes promote ethical behavior as a responsible partner among other in their work environment. 7. used responsible management ,company property and keep good controls

Social Responsibility : 

The Frappuccinos Social Responsibility STARBUCKS work together on a daily basis with partners (employees). to help create a most sustainable society to help built stronger local communities to minimize our environmental footprint to create a great workplace, to promote diversity and to be responsive to our customers health and wellness needs.

Social Responsibility : 

The Frappuccinos Social Responsibility Environment 1. by taking steps to reduce waste from our operations and recycle. 2. STARBUCKS can preserve the earth’s natural resources. STARBUCKS actually seeks opportunities to minimize environmental impact.

Social Responsibility : 

The Frappuccinos Social Responsibility Community STARBUCKS believes it can contribute even more to local communities encouraging our partners to become responsible neighbors and active participants in the places. It is important part of our company is culture and values.

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