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Coca-cola : 

Coca-cola Shota Shuji Yuri Rika

Coca-Cola : 

Private for Profit Sells many kinds of beverage They are selling over 200 countries CEO Muthar Kent Coca-Cola

Their Goals : 

Their Goals To refresh the world To inspire moments of optimism and happiness To create value and make a difference

4 Functions : 

4 Functions Planning Leading Organizing Controlling

Managerial Functions : 

Managerial Functions Planning To make new beverage Leading What kind of beverages they need Organizing To create the planning department Controlling Top manager tastes many trial products many times

Decision Making : 

Decision Making There are 2 types of decision making Programmed Decision-making …routine decisions Non-programmed decision-making …unexpected, unpredictable

Steps in decision making : 

Steps in decision making There are six steps in decision making 1, Recognize need to make decision 2, Generate alternatives 3, Assess the alternatives

Steps in decision making : 

Steps in decision making 4, Choose among alternatives 5, Implement choice 6, Learn from feedback

6 steps of Coca-Cola : 

6 steps of Coca-Cola For example… 1. Create the need to make decisions 2. Thought of created and collected some idea 3. Evaluated those ideas

Slide 10: 

4. Decided what to make 5. Started to create the coke 6. Collected the customer’s opinion

Time horizon : 

Time horizon Long-term plan …same their organizational goals. In addition, the Coca-Cola Company and six of their largest bottling partners try to sustain their workplace, marketplace, environment, and community. Intermediate-term plan …to create new beverages Short-term plan …to provide regular amount of their products for restaurants, vending machines, and convenience stores.

SWOT analysis : 

SWOT analysis Strengths …Name value, and their bottling system Weaknesses …Negative publicity in India Opportunities …Growing bottled water market Threats …Dependence on bottling partner

Five Forces Model : 

Five Forces Model 1 Level of competition Competing with another beverage company 2 Potential for entry into a industry It is hard for other beverage company to enter into the industry because the Coca-Cola Company has a large share of beverage market.

Slide 14: 

3 Power of suppliers Depending on bottling company 4 Power of customers Low power 5 Threat of substitute products Water, coffee, and juice etc

3 steps in planning : 

3 steps in planning Mission statement …To achieve their goals Formulating strategy …To search what flavor is most popular Implementing strategy …To create new drinks

Corporate-level strategy : 

Corporate-level strategy Diversification The Coca-Cola produced new RTD (Ready-To-Drink) coffee with Italy-based café. International expansion Their products are launched in more than 200 countries.

Three levels of plan : 

Three levels of plan The corporate-level plan …How to manage their affiliates The business-level plan …To make a connection to restaurants etc The functional-level plan …How to advertise their products

Structure : 

Structure Coca-cola company’s structure Hybrid Structure The company includes many organizations. ex. Allen & Company Incorporated, Delta Air Lines, Hearst Magazines, Expedia. We will show the company’s figure

Environment : 

Environment The company’s environment is faster than other companies. The company has to change drinks to fit taste and flavor into season or public demand. Fast !!!

Other Organizational Structures : 

Other Organizational Structures 1. Technology Routine 2. Human resources Skilled and non skilled 3. Strategy Decentralized

Other Concepts : 

Other Concepts The company’s hierarchy is “Tall” They need to have many level positions to put together thinking from each organization. The company has “liaison role”. The role is connecting between coca-cola and McDonald’s.

Ethics : 

Ethics Code of business Conduct It guides their business conduct, requiring honesty and integrity in all matters The Global Workplace Rights Policy It is to relate to the organization and their employees

However….. : 

However….. In India…. They are unethical ·Cause water scarcity is more than 20 village ·Their drinks contained some toxic substances.

For environment : 

For environment To reduce the greenhouse gas Their vending machines and coolers emit many greenhouses gas Recycling They have invested more than $60 million They support the “Give it Back” program

For community : 

For community They support . . . . Education Water Stewardship HIV/AIDS Disaster Relief Healthy Living

Coca-Cola Company : 

Coca-Cola Company

Work List : 

Work List The coca-cola company Coca-cola –our company-leadership Cola Wars : Five Forces Analysis « Goutham's Thoughts

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