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Slide 1: 

Mei, Eri, Yusuke, Yoshio Apple

Managers and Managing : 

Company Goal private Managers and Managing For profit To make complex technology

Slide 3: 

planning leading organizing controlling Managerial Functions

Slide 4: CEO COO SVP Levels of management

Slide 5: 

Marketing iPhone software General counsel Industrial Design Device Engineering Retail Applications Software Engineering Areas of management

steps of decision making : 

steps of decision making Decision making? A process to achieve the goals There are 6 steps to make decisions Use these steps can reach goals efficient and effective

steps of decision making : 

steps of decision making 1: Recognize the need for a decision Ex. Need to enter the music player market or not? 2: Generate alternatives Ex. What can Apple make in this market?

steps of decision making : 

steps of decision making 3: Evaluate alternatives Ex. Think of each advantage & disadvantage 4: Choose among alternatives Ex. Decide the best choice (possible & effective)

steps of decision making : 

steps of decision making 5: Implement alternatives Ex. Start to making 6: Learn from feedback Ex. Learn from feedback (improve better and better)

Types of decision making : 

Types of decision making Programmed Ex. Guideline, handbook Non-programmed Ex. iPod nano’s battery problem

Slide 11: 

A formal system to report the relationship To arrange its lines of authority and communications Organizational Structure

Slide 12: 

CEO SVP and CFO SVP and General Counsel SVP, Worldwide Product Marketing SVP, ipod Division SVP, Software Engineering SVP, Design COO SVP, Applications SVP Retail Mgr. Apple Online Store Director VAR/Distribution Hardware Sr. Director Direct Marketers VP Operations Mgr. Refurb Executive Assistant AppleCare Apple Americas VP, Americas and Asia Pacific WW Telesales Director Manager 3rd Party Products Mgr Consumer & EDU Sr. Director Channel Sales Sr. Director Account Exec. National Programs Manager MarketSource Programs Manager National Accounts Manager Operations Functional Structure

Slide 13: 

Decentralized Structure Get more ideas from the managers

Slide 14: 

Assigning Authority make sure about hierarchy of authority Know their own responsibilities Managers Minimum chain of command Steve Jobs used it. He dismissed one fifth employees when the settlement of accounts had deficit.

Slide 15: 

Organizational Environment: changes quickly and fast Organizational Strategy: ‘ Think Different ’ Organizational Technology: makes Apple computers, hardware, and software etc… Human Resources: the employees have high skills and knowledge

3 steps in planning : 

3 steps in planning 1:Organization mission and goals 2: Formulate strategy 3: Implement the strategy

Apple’s 3 steps in planning : 

Apple’s 3 steps in planning 1: To lead the technology industry in innovation 2: New markets 3: iPod, iTunes, iPhone

Corporate strategy : 

Corporate strategy International Expansion strategy Stores in Japan, China, EU Single business Focus on mobile phone market Diversification Try to enter the music market, online market, mobile market

Goals : 

Goals Long-term goals: move forward with creative new products and ideas Intermediate goals: make new products every term or year Short-term goals: support and achieve the intermediate goals


SWOT Strength: sales of iPod and computers Weakness: Mac Computers less popular than PC’s. Opportunity: develop iTunes and music player with mobile phone Threat: some customers say Mac Computers are difficult to use

5 forces model : 

5 forces model Level of competition: hard Potential for entry: difficult Power of suppliers: not so many Power of customers: strong demand Threat of substitute: many rival’s products

Social responsibility : 

Social responsibility Obstructionist Defensive Accommodative Proactive Why important?

Apple Behavior : 

Apple Behavior Care products safety Care employees behavior Care working conditions for employees

For the environment : 

For the environment Protect and continue health of the Earth Ex. Highly recyclable aluminum Reduce carbon dioxide

For the community & values : 

For the community & values Apple user group Support people who are apple users Give opportunities to have relationships with others

For the community & values : 

For the community & values Values Extend human capabilities Make life and the world better from technology Ex. Convenient machines & sources

Conclusion -Apple- : 

Conclusion -Apple- Managers & managing 6 Steps of decision making Organizational structure Planning and strategy Social responsibility

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Pictures : 


pictures : 


Thank You : 

Thank You Thank you for listening!

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