Character Analysis: Alice Cullen

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TwilightCharacter Analysis : 

TwilightCharacter Analysis Alice Cullen

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Appearance : 

Appearance Pixie-like, very thin Deep black, cropped short, spiky Inhumanly beautiful, pale skin, golden (changes to black) eyes, Graceful movement- “ Break any ballerina’s heart”

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Personality : 

Personality Bubbly and optimistic Sarcastic and funny Most supportive member of the Cullens

Special talent-ability : 

Special talent-ability She has precognition-see the future She found Jasper and the family She saw visitors and a ballet school

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My favorite quotes : 

My favorite quotes “It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share.” (p346) “You do smell nice, I never noticed before.”(p323)

My favorite scene : 

My favorite scene The scene shows vampire’s abilities The soundtrack makes a more powerful impression

Baseball scene : 

Baseball scene

Summary : 

Summary Her behavior makes a more fascination for audience Her appearance well-matches her behavior

My Critique : 

My Critique I really like the movie

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