Management information system of Big Bazaar

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Management information system adopted by Big bazaar:

Management information system adopted by Big bazaar Presented by: Debasish Panda Rajesh Kumar Pradhan Himadri Barah Tapan Kumar Sahu Suraj Pattnaik


INTRODUCTION : An Information system is a system that take resources as input and processes them into information product as output. Information system is an organized combination of people, hardware, software, network and data resources.

How MIS helps Manager:

How MIS helps Manager It help to know details about the daily transaction. To easily calculate profit and loss. To take decision quick and accurate with the help of MIS. To know the regularity of the employees. They use a storing device to store all transaction per day.



Information System of Big Bazaar:

Information System of Big Bazaar

Function of MIS:

Function of MIS Two centralized servers are used by the MIS viz. The main server and The other a backup server which can take over from the main server with-in 5 min, if there is any problem. Each of the servers has its own storage system with mirroring hard disks (15 hard disks storing the same info simultaneously). The information is backed up continuously on CDs every day. The entire system is backed by an excellent electrical wiring by JD International (electrical maintenance dept).

Function of MIS:

Function of MIS There are 15 transaction counters in Big Bazaar. The recording of transactions at each of these counters is done using REM. The database used for the storage is called POSH database and this is an in-house production of Big Bazaar. These transaction counters can capture credit card details and customer information of big customers (though all the information relating to all the customers is not collected as of now).

Function of MIS:

Function of MIS Receipts of transactions are cash, credit or in the form of Sodexho passes. The Sodexho passes are sent to the HQ on a monthly basis and converted to cash. The number of transactions made per day varies from 3000- 4000 on week days to about 5000- 6000 on weekends. Any transaction recorded at each terminal is stored directly onto the POSH database. Oracle finance: a package from oracle is used for this purpose. The financials are sent to the HO on a daily basis.

Benchmarking of the MIS :

Benchmarking of the MIS The following parameters can be used for benchmarking the system. Foundation data and analytics B illing Management Labor Management Warehouse management Item and price synchronization solution Transportation Procurement Supplier Enablement Integration Platform


Weakness The IT department is separated from operations and the IT department is only in charge of giving information. All decisions are made by the operations teams itself. Out of the 9 modules Big Bazaar has only the billing module fully mechanized. The warehouse module is semi mechanized and there is no seamless integration platform.


Weakness One major shortcoming of the information system is that it does not help the organization in measuring the performance of employees and that can create several HR problems for the organization Process is too much time taking. Erroneous billing structure at e-billing counters as most of the time new offers are not updated regularly


Conclusion:- What we have seen above is a critical analysis of the Informational System prevailing in the Big Bazaar, which is one of the largest retail stores in Bhubaneswar. The applicability and effectiveness has ensured that Big Bazaar has excelled in a place like Bhubaneswar and become as pioneer in the industry. This has been largely due to a radical and perfectly functioning Information Systems. The effectiveness of the IS is greatly brought out by the efficient supply chain and delivery system that Big Bazaar have. They have achieved top spot in retail with in Bhubaneswar and are excelling in other places as well.



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