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Titan Intranet: Helping your business grow by leaps and bounds The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has severely affected our lives. Almost the entire world has been under lockdown, making it impossible to go to work or elsewhere. This led many offices to embrace working from home. Working remotely, a hot topic currently, is the need of the hour. Teams and organizations are reinventing themselves in the era of corona-cancellations, forcing their processes to go even more digital and finding alternative solutions to make the most out of their investments .

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One positive outcome to come from this unfortunate situation will be improved levels of trust from organisations in supporting their employees to embrace remote working and remote infrastructures.   Today’s technology helps make remote working possible for many companies,   and various digital tools have been helping many organizations in making their transition seamless.

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During these times, digital working environment was facilitated with the help of MS Teams with its chat, calling and other collaboration feature, and Titan that provides Microsoft Teams Intranet allowing you to access all your documents, projects and tasks within MS Teams. These tools have proved to be quite a help to coordinate with team and colleagues as if they were sitting next to one another in the same office . Features of Titan Titan a Digital Workplace platform (Web + App) that helps companies connect, align and engage their entire workforce across the enterprise. Titan provides SharePoint online intranet and office365 which offers all the features that any modern digital workplace would need such as Collaboration, Document management, Project management, Information sites and many more features.

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Titan unifies all communication, documents and collaboration tools on one single platform, giving employees one single dashboard for all their interactions across different stakeholders . This digital workplace makes available collaboration platform that connects every unit in the organization within Teams. It centralizes knowledge and communication and provides users with tools to enable them to cooperate seamlessly. Employees are also given a dashboard for them to keep track of their tasks, notifications, meetings, and more within Teams. There is also no need to share documents and files via email. Titan serves as a document management application, too. It even comes with a versioning feature that makes certain people access and work with the latest iteration of a file.

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Titan brings all the collaborative features of SharePoint within Teams and transforms your businesses. It is an innovative solution that is tailored to simplify Intranet, Document management, Project management, Task management within Teams.

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