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Sports participation & Pregnancy:

Sports participation & Pregnancy Yes Or No? Tifanie Williams 11628232 EHR225

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy Improving mental health Reduce the risk of Pre-eclampsia Minimize the chance of gestational diabetes Assist in urinary incontinence Prevent chronic musculoskeletal conditions Maintaining physical fitness Assist in weight management


Contradictions Triplets Bleeding in the second trimester Hypertension (requiring medication) Incompetent cervix Preterm labor Serious medical conditions

Athletes & Sport:

Athletes & Sport Women are now pursuing sports during pregnancy and beyond. Pregnancy & sport is NO LONGER mutually exclusive. You can now continue your routine of physical exercise and maintain your athletic identity, with caution and frequent supervision.


“Pregnancy is recognized as a unique time for behaviour modification and is no longer considered a condition for confinement.” ( Erdener & Budgett , 2016, p. 567)

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