Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great:

Alexander the Great By your boy Tim Nguyen


Family Son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias of Epirus Father of Alexander IV


Life Full name-Alexander III of Macedon Born-20 or 21 July 356 BC Pella, Macedon Died-10 or 11 June 323 BC (aged 32) Babylon Religion- Greek polytheism

Kingship :

Kingship King of Macedonia (336–323 BC) Pharaoh of Egypt (332–323 BC) King of Persia (330–323 BC)

Spouses :

Spouses Roxana of Bactria Stateira II of Persia Parysatis II of Persia

Death :

Death On either 10 or 11 June 323 BC, Alexander died in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II, in Babylon, at age 32. In the years following his death, a series of civil wars tore his empire apart, resulting in several states ruled by the Diadochi, Alexander's surviving generals and heirs.

Legacy :

Legacy Alexander's legacy extended beyond his military conquests His campaigns greatly increased contacts and trade between East and West Some of the cities he founded became major cultural centers, many surviving into the 21st century

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Alexander never lost in a single battle Alexander’s father, Philip of Macedon, have had 7 wives , Alexander the Great had three wives: Roxane, Statiera, and Parysatis Olympias, his mother, always insisted to Alexander that he was the son of Zeus Alexander liked drama, the flute and the lyre, poetry and hunting Alexander featured in a show called Deadliest Warrior




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