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Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. This life insurance offers protection for your family and strategies for leaving a legacy to them. It can also help small business owners with continuation planning. If you have any insurance query, contact us at 65 9455 4295 Or Visit our office at 10 Ava Road, Singapore 329949.


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Universal Life Insurance:

Universal Life Insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance?:

Universal Life Insurance provides the owner the flexibility to provide income replacement for the owner’s spouse and family. Universal Life Insurance helps the owners to decrease their premium outlay to a minimum or even zero. What is Universal Life Insurance?

Characteristics of Universal Life Insurance :

Universal Life Insurance provides certain advantages like Premium Amount, Break Even Year, Financing Rates, First Day Cash Value, Surrender Value, Credit Rating of Insurer and many more. Universal life offers flexibility in the amount, method, and timing of premium payments. Characteristics of Universal Life Insurance

Flexibility to Adjust Your Changing Requirements :

No one can run away from the surprises of life, but we can definitely make adjustments. Flexibility to Adjust Your Changing Requirements Universal Life h elps You during Your hour of need .

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Why to have a Life Insurance? Protection Liquidity Tax Relief Money when you need it

Types of Life Insurance:

Types of Life Insurance Term Life Insurance Increasing/Decreasing term policies Convertible Term Assurance Policy Level Term Life Insurance Renewable term life Insurance Endowment Insurance Joint life endowment plan Money back endowment plan Marriage endowment plan Permanent (Whole) Life Insurance Ordinary whole life plan Limited payment whole life plan Unit Linked Plans

Term Life Insurance:

Sum assured is payable only in the event of death during the term. In case of survival, the contract comes to an end at the end of term. Premium Outlay - Paid yearly till coverage ceases . Maximum Coverage Term - Till Age 99 No refund of premium Non-participating policies Low premium as only death risk is covered. Term Life Insurance

Endowment Insurance:

Endowment insurance plans is an investment oriented plan which not only pays in the event of death but also in the event of survival at the end of the term. Is a contract underwritten by a life insurance company to pay a Fixed term plus Accumulated profits that are declared annually. Endowment Insurance

Permanent (Whole) Life Insurance:

Whole life plans are another type of endowment plan, which cover death for an indefinite period. When the policy holder dies, the face value of the policy, known as a death benefit, is paid to the person or persons named in the life insurance policy. It can be with or without profits. Permanent (Whole) Life Insurance

Children’s Life Insurance:

Insurance companies have started offering risk cover plans like limited payment whole life, and endowment assurance plan from the age of 12years and money back plan from age of 13 years (completed ). New plans have been specifically designed for children where the risk of the child starts much earlier say 7 years. Children’s Life Insurance

Universal Life Advantages:

Builds Cash Value One of the key advantages of Universal Life Insurance Plan is that it builds cash value overtime Universal Life Advantages No Lapse Option There is a ‘no lapse guarantee’ as long as certain minimum premium payment is paid at a certain period.

Unit Linked Plans:

It has emerged as one of the fastest growing insurance products. It is a combination of an investment fund( such as mutual fund) and an insurance policy. Unit Linked Plans

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Contact Us Universal Life Singapore 10 Ava Road, Singapore 329949 Phone : 65-9455-4295 Email : equiry@universallife.com.sg http :// universallife.com.sg

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