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Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House : 

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Introductory Information

On the Author: : 

On the Author: Norwegian playwright in the mid 1800’s lived the majority of adult life in countries other than Norway alcoholic father / submissive mother family was in debt and went bankrupt became critical of those who controlled society married an independent, dominant woman

On Ibsen’s Times: : 

On Ibsen’s Times: a time of great change and upheaval in Europe growth of a educated middle class women beginning to question submissive behavior, although still expected to be passive

On Ibsen’s Writing Style: : 

On Ibsen’s Writing Style: believed drama needed to address “modern” problems used “piece bien faite” (well-made play) style – tightly woven melodramas, designed to entertain & keep playgoers on the edge of their seats piece bien faites contain no unnecessary scenes or dialogues – every word or action sets up a later action portrayed “everyday,” ordinary characters in middle class lives

On Ibsen’s Writing Style: : 

On Ibsen’s Writing Style: wanted to use contemporary, everyday language used “photographically” accurate settings / staging resurrected and modernized the “retrospective plot “ – major events take place before the curtain goes up; the plot focuses on how characters deal with these events

On A Doll’s House: : 

On A Doll’s House: in style and subject matter, it marked the birth of modern drama questions women’s place in society and traditional women’s roles outraged government and church officials Ibsen forced to write an alternate ending represented a “problem play” – one that examines modern, social, and moral problems of middle class people confronting controversial societal issues

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