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Here is my time doctor review, an online time tracking service with desktop and a mobile app ability. Stop the time wasting when you are trying to work. Visit:


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Time Doctor Review Helpful Online Time Tracking:

Time Doctor Review Helpful Online Time Tracking | @JohnAguiar BLOGGING | SOCIAL MEDIA | MARKETING | INSPIRATION

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Time Doctor Review My Time Doctor Review - Time Doctor is one of those tools that you don’t know how much you need, until you actually to use it. Putting together this Time Doctor review came at good time, I was slowly getting my Brainy Marketer business back up and running. John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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What Does Time Doctor Do? Quick Facts: How Time Doctor will help you and or your team: Track your time spent on “Work” Helps you avoid distractions Stay updated on website or app Screen shot ability Payroll option Flexible configurations for you or your team Make the most of their time spent working while on the computer John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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Easy To Setup and Use? Is Time Doctor Easy To Use? Time Doctor has many features, but if you just want to get in and start tracking your time, you can be doing that in less than 10 min. From sign up to installation, the process was fast. Downloading, installing and start tracking took me about 9 min. Once you have Time Doctor running it is very simple to use. You basically just enter a task and click the ‘GO’ button and you are tracking. When you’re need to take a break just click the ‘Break’ button and your tracking will pause. John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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Time Doctor Features John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar | Squeeze Pages (using video, text, ecovers & more!) Squeeze Pages (using video, text, ecovers & more!) Continue on to learn about each feature >>

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Time Tracking Time Tracking Tracking your time is the core of what Time Doctor is all about . You add a “task” that you are about to work on and click the GO button and they will keep track of the time you worked on that task. ! John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar | Squeeze Pages (using video, text, ecovers & more!)

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Smart Tracking Smart Time Tracking If your computer stays inactive for 3 minutes, Time Doctor will pop up a notification saying… “It seems kind of quiet, are you working on?” If you don’t click to confirm, time Time Doctor will log you out of your session and remove 3 minutes from your work time. John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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Screenshot Recording Screenshot Recording You can enable screenshot recording for any member of your team and it will take screenshots of their screen every few minutes while working. You can then later review screenshots for any period of time for any team member evaluate their performance. John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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Detailed Reporting Detailed Reports Know how your work time is being used, Time Doctor offers detailed reports of activity for any member of your team. Poor time use reports: See a list of potential non work related activities. Absent or late time reports: You can see if team members have been late or absent. Web and app usage reports:   You can see which web sites were visited and apps used. John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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Active Monitoring Active Monitoring Time Doctor monitors applications and websites that you use during your work session. If it detects excessive use of “offenders” like Twitter, Facebook , YouTube, and displays a pop-up notification… “Are you working on…” If this activity is work related you can click “Yes” and it won’t bug you. The pop-up notifications can be enabled/disabled in your Time Doctor control panel, but I would leave them on, since it’s a great way to get you refocused on your task. . John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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iPhone App Time Doctor iPhone App Time Doctor does have an iPhone app, the app and desktop software work together easily,. It will sync with desktop software, so that time spent working while “away” from the office will be included in my overall time log. . John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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The Wrap Up How many time have you got online to do something and 3 hours pass and all you did was play on Facebook ? Think of how much more work you would get dome if you used a tool like Time Doctor to keep you on track and helping you stay focused. You’re a at home entrepreneur, Time Doctor is well worth the cost and time to setup and use every day. To learn more about – Visit Time Doctor John Paul Aguiar | @JohnAguiar |

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