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Digital marketers have used the term “landing web page” or "landing page" many times to represent a marketing tactic focused on getting people to take one, specific action. Nowadays, Landing pages have simply become a necessary page in the digital marketing toolbox for every imaginable business, including local brick to mortar types. Why is a landing page necessary for digital marketing? You might be wondering why you need to design separate, distinct web pages that visitors will be redirected to when they click on calls to action. You might be hoping that you can get away with not using them. Effective landing pages execute it very clear what a visitor is going to get from a web page and how to get it. Website development companies will design effective landing pages for your business. We want to focus this presentation on why you need a landing web page? Get More: https://tihalt.com


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Why You Needs A Landing Web Page By Tihalt Technologies

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What Is Landing Page A landing web page is a web page on your website where you can offer a resource from your business in exchange for a visitors contact information. Digital marketers can capture this contact information using a lead form where visitors can enter details like their name email address and job title. Landing pages can be used to collect information on website visitors in exchange for branded content or experiences. These include ebooks email newsletters online courses industry events free product trials community memberships and company mobile apps. Web designers will make an attractive landing web page for your business. 2

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Collecting Information From Potential Clients If you wanted to collect the contact details of your potential clients you could incorporate a form of filling out such information on your landing page. Let the contact forms of your landing page be linked to your CRM system. This ensures that when they enter their details you can get them on your system. 1 3

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Get Leads with Promised Information All they need is to fill out their details and get the information. A landing page therefore directs your potential clients to an area on your website and gets the reward. It might be a free course free consultation or an eBook. Whatever you offer it should further lead them to purchase something from you. 2 4

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Improving Your Brand Awareness When you design a landing web page you should ensure that its feel look copy and page style are consistent with any content linking to it. Consistency in branding on various media platforms offers users a chance to recognize your brand. Customers love buying frequently from a company or business they know well. 3 5

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It Fuels Other Marketing Channels Any marketing strategy relies on a lot of content to be successful. If you have an amazing offer there is a possibility that your prospects can share it on social media. If you have lead nurturing campaigns your landing page can be linked to Pay Per Click Advertisements and help your page appear on organic search. 4 6

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It Helps You Achieve Your Goals A landing page offers a simple avenue of getting crucial information from your leads. You can put the URL of your landing page on all promotional materials you will use on your trade show. You can also add that link to your social media profiles and connect with as many leads as possible. 5 7

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Offers Purpose and Clarity Landing pages are supposed to be short and precise. A short landing page helps your leads to know about your business within a short time. With appropriate colors and images your customers will get the message without figuring out. 6 8

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Simplifies The Decision of Your Visitors Your potential customers have problems they would like to solve. Perhaps your business has that service or product which is the solution to their problem. Your website may have tons of information about your products and services. 7 9

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Increases Credibility A landing web page has a clear message and objective for a user. You need to optimize the content to be focused on a certain course of action. Doing this helps a potential client know that you understand their struggles. 8 10

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