Tibet is One of the Most Favorite Destinations of Trekking

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Tibet is One of the Most Favorite Destinations of Trekking Tibet is a destination of tourist attractions especially for those who have a liking for Trekking. Tibet is a small country that has found a beautiful corner in the lap of nature. There are views of sky rising mountains all over whenever you raise your head. Tibet is comprised of seven territories such as Lhasa Qamdo Xigatse Nyingchi Ngari Nagqu and Shannan. Tibet Travel At a Glance Out of these seven prefectures the most popular region is Lhasa. Lhasa is also the capital of Tibet. There are many cities and villages in Tibet but Lhasa is most popular and the second most popular region is Xigatse. Tibet has many places of tourist attractions. The most popular tourist place is the famous Mount Kailash. The world’s highest peak the Mount Everest has its one side facing Tibet. The people of Tibet are warmly welcoming and hospitable. Apart from hotels and lodges the local people welcome the tourists to stay with them at their house. The local people of Tibet serve the tourists with butter tea and homemade food. Tibet Travel not only allows you to wander in the lap of nature but also introduce you with one of the best-natured people on the world. The people of Tibet are extremely religious and expect a respect for their belief. The food items used in Tibet is to provide warmth and energy

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to fight extreme weather conditions. While on a Tibet Travel always make sure that you are moving with the items of basic necessities. Tibet is especially a centre of attraction for Trekkers. Trekker from all over the world plan a trip to Tibet to trek the famous mountain peaks. Tibet is considered as a land of spirit and dreams probably because it is a dream of Trekkers to trek Tibet in the right spirit. There are many great opportunities that a trekker can grab like trekking under the great Himalaya climbing the majestic sky touching mountains enjoying the holy lakes visiting monasteries and many more things to do for everyone. Tibet Trekking is the best way to discover the more of Tibet. Trekking offers you to enjoy the landscape of Tibet and also helpful in understanding the cultures of Tibet with more ease. There are many trekking routes that are recommended to trekkers. The short trek may require you two to three days and a long trek could last for four to five days. The trek of Mount Kailash is of high importance. Follow Us on:-

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