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Top 7 Atractons of Lhasa City Tour As the major hub of Tibetan Buddhism Lhasa city tour features an ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries and other antque buildings. There are profusion of great place to visit in and around Lhasa it is important to check out the most popular sightseeing destnatons for your short Lhasa city tour. It is important to get recommendaton and advice prior your Lhasa trip from experienced travelers. Following are the list of top 7 atractons of Lhasa tour in order of their popularity on the visitors. If you have some more days there are other many great and excitng things to do during your stay in Lhasa. 1. Potala Palace Potala Palace is situated at heart of Lhasa Tibet. The palace is dedicated to Mount Potala- the important mountain in Buddhist traditons. Potala Palace was the main residence of all Dalai Lamas untl 14 th Dalai Lama fed to Dharmasala. The palace is main converted into the museum by Chinese authority. During your Lhasa City Tour you will be visitng its 13 stories high building that contains 1000 rooms 10000 shrines and 2 00000 statues. This architectural masterpiece is perched like a stunning bird on a rocky outcrop and the distant sight of golden- colored roofs is mesmerizing. Many pilgrims and travelers rank it as the most-to visit highlights during Lhasa City Tour. 2. Jokhang Temple Yet another popular and most holistc sites to visit during Lhasa City Tour. Jokhang Temple is situated at the Barkhor Street in the downtown of Lhasa city. The temple was constructed during the period of King Songsten Gampo. The temple was built to please Bhrikut- the Nepalese princess. It is believed that many Nepalese artst are involved for building of the temple. It is added as the part of UNESCO world heritage sites with Potala Palace- a spiritual hub of Lhasa and another most-to visit sites during tour in Lhasa City. 3. Norbulingka Another popular hangout spot during Lhasa City Tour is Norbulingka- beautful park to the west of Lhasa city. The building inside the park was used as the summer resort as well as administratve hub and religious center by Dalai Lama from 1780s to tll 14 th Dalai Lama’s self-exile in 1959. Norbulingka was added as the part of UNESCO world heritage site in 2001. Norbulingka Park is regarded as the best and most-to visit park during Lhasa Tour. Summer and autumn are the best tme of the year to visit Norbulingka when many cultural programs are performed. 4. Barkhor Street It is historical and religious-street located nearby the famous Jokhang Temple. Pilgrims or people making a Lhasa city tour goes for devotonal Kora circuit - a pilgrim circumambulaton. 5. Sera Monastery Sera Monastery in Lhasa is one of three most important Gelukpa Temple for Buddhist. It lies 2 km north of Lhasa city. Other two temples are Ganden Monastery and Drepung Monastery. Sera means “wild rose in bloom state” showing the fact that the temples was built on hill covered by wild roses. More than 3000 monks lives at Sera Monastery.

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During this astonishing city tour at Lhasa you will be visitng the monastery complex Nagpatrastang Sera Je College Sera Me Tratsang and more. 6. Drepung Monastery Drepung Monastery is located at the lap of Mount Gephel just 5km northwest of Lhasa. It is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries. Drepung Monastery includes both the natural and religious aspects of Lhasa. Drepung Monastery has spiritual signifcance for Buddhist as Dalai Lamas from second to ffh were buried in Drepung Monastery. During Lhasa city tour you will be visitng the residence of over 10000 monks and architectural marvel of Drepung Monastery. 7. Tibet Museum The comprehensive Lhasa city tour is incomplete when you fail to visit Tibet Museum. It is located in the west of Lhasa nearby Norbulingka and Lhasa Hotel. The constructon of museum was completed on October 5 1999. The museum protects the huge cultural history of Tibet. The area of the museum is more than 53959 square meters. Tibetan doors beam-decoraton authentc Tibet art and patern makes it more alluring place to visit in Lhasa.

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