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TiaNumr is an integrated virtual clinic. It is a workflow enabled management solution that incorporates TiaMD Rapid Responz, TiaCoder, TiaCare, and modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) services to provide a holistic, scalable health management system (HMS) for care providers of all sizes. For more details click :


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• Integrated virtual clinic • Workflow enabled management solution that incorporates TiaMD Rapid Responz TiaCoder TiaCare and modular enterprise resource planning ERP services to provide a holistic scalable health management system HMS for care providers of all sizes. TiaConcierge service has been bundled into this platform TiaMD NUMR

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WORKFLOW Scheduling Office Visits

slide 3:

Patient requests for appointment from TiaCare mobile app

slide 4:

Doctor’s office confirms appointment on TiaMD NUMR web portal and emails Intake form to TiaCare mobile app

slide 5:

Medical Assistant checks Insurance Eligibility and collects Copay Interfaced with Navicure

slide 6:

During office visit Medical Assistant records vitals using wireless medical devices to updates patient information in TiaMD NUMR web portal or mobile app

slide 7:

Doctor evaluates patient and documents information on TiaMD NUMR web portal or mobile app • Patient Visit History • Clinical Assessment • Auto-filled Notes • Nuance Dragon tool • IMO Database for ICD10 SNOMED codes • Favorite templates for problem procedure • Lab Radiology orders • E-Prescription using Dr. First • Referral to external labs and other specialists • Document management • Active medication and allergies • Messaging • Emergency Protocol setting

slide 8:

Virtual Visit: Tele Appointment for follow-ups from TiaCare and TiaMD NUMR / Rapid Responz mobile app and web portal

slide 9:

Coding and billing: Patient encounters sent for billing to TiaBilling web portal + secure excel in email

slide 10:

WORKFLOW Pre-hospital Care Care Coordination

slide 11:

Patient initiates call to emergency medical team EMT

slide 12:

EMT receives call and identifies patient location

slide 13:

EMT evaluates patient and records vitals

slide 14:

EMT connects to On-Call Doctor

slide 15:

Doctor or medical assistant records patient condition severity using scales like NIHSS

slide 16:

• Virtual Mobile / web based Telehealth platform • Emergency Protocol Setting performance reports • Integrated real-time schedule for on-call physicians • Send and receive secure video audio and text messages • Utilize TiaMD NuMR integrated EHR platform for virtual or conventional care • DICOM viewer TiaImage • Equipped with TiaHealth Peripherals with Tele Medicine carts • E-prescription platform • Equipped with TiaCoder functionality • Encrypted HIPAA protected cloud service TiaMD Rapid Responz

slide 17:

EMT broadcasts emergency to stroke doctors

slide 18:

Doctor connects to patient in emergency room or ICU

slide 19:

Option1: Click Cart Option2: Click Connect ED Option3: Menu- Click Cart Options for doctor to connect to Telemedicine cart from mobile app

slide 20:

Press Hold Swipe To Draw Box – Enables Camera Zoom In On Selected Area Pinch Zoom Out/In Swipe Left/Right And Up/Down Doctor to use camera controls from mobile app and web portal

slide 21:

Doctor records problem and procedure Interfaced with IMO for ICD10

slide 22:

Doctor creates notes • Template setting based on doctor requirement • Auto-population of contents – Patient Details Problem Procedure Medication etc. • Integrated with Nuance Dragon for voice to text

slide 23:

Doctor gives orders for lab and radiology • Template setting for order list • Send to external lab/radiology centers • HL7 Interface to other hospital systems

slide 24:

Doctor creates prescription and sends to pharmacy electronically Interfaced with Dr. First • Template setting for medication list based on problem • E-Prescriptions

slide 25:

Doctor views Patient Images MRI CT … • Integrate with PACS • Image comparison tools

slide 26:

• Modular mobile or web based Charge Capture program with the following interfaces: • Virtual scribes will eliminate corrections and improve efficiency • Partner with third party coding and billing agencies with VR technology • Real time audits and dashboard reports • Operates with IMO ICD10 CPT interface • Utilizes Nuance Dragon dictation system • Incorporates transcription services • Enables Navicure clearing house • Rounding mobile application • Physician Group Patient Assignment Management TiaCoder

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TiaCoder Workflow

slide 28:

Doctor follows Inpatient Rounding list and created encounters • Fax to PCP • Copy previous codes in one-click • Hand-off patients to doctors in a group • Faster sharing of encounters for billing • Integrated with IO for ICD10 codes

slide 29:

TiaCoder Dashboard Advanced Clinical Search on patient data based on problem procedure Age Gender

slide 30:

• Patient’s mobile app • Encrypted HIPAA protected portable health record • Schedule an appointment • Requesting refills • Schedule payments • Utilize TiaMD’s EHR ecosystem TiaMD NuMR • Utilize Intelligent Health Exchange TiaAlert • DICOM viewer TiaImage • Communication portal secure text AV portal and secure email • Customize patient portfolios • Share health summary with doctors • Emergency calls TiaCare

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Patient maintains health summary and connects with doctor

slide 32:

Quality Metrics: Access Patient Clinical Evaluation

slide 33:

Access Clinical Guidelines

slide 34:

Primary Stroke Measures

slide 35:

Quality Metrics Data Collection Attributes- example Anticoagulation Therapy Prescribed at Discharge Antithrombotic Therapy Administered by End of Hospital Day 2 Antithrombotic Therapy Prescribed at Discharge Arrival Date Arrival Time Assessed for Rehabilitation Services Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter Clinical Trial Comfort Measures Only Date Last Known Well Discharge Disposition ED Patient Education Addresses Activation of Emergency Medical System Education Addresses Follow-up After Discharge Education Addresses Medication Prescribed at Discharge Education Addresses Risk Factors for Stroke Education Addresses Warning Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Elective Carotid Intervention IV OR IA Thrombolytic t-PA Therapy Administered at This Hospital or Within 24 Hours Prior to Arrival IV Thrombolytic Initiation IV Thrombolytic Initiation Date IV Thrombolytic Initiation Time Last Known Well Reason for Extending the Initiation of IV Thrombolytic Reason for No VTE Prophylaxis – Hospital Admission Reason for Not Administering Antithrombotic Therapy by End of Hospital Day 2 Reason for Not Initiating IV Thrombolytic Reason for Not Prescribing Anticoagulation Therapy at Discharge Reason for Not Prescribing Antithrombotic Therapy at Discharge Reason for Not Prescribing Statin Medication at Discharge Reason for Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor Statin Medication Prescribed at Discharge Time Last Known Well VTE Prophylaxis VTE Prophylaxis Date Admission Date Birthdate Discharge Date Health Care Organization Identifier Hispanic Ethnicity ICD-10-CM Other Diagnosis Codes ICD-10-CM Principal Diagnosis Code ICD-10-PCS Other Procedure Codes ICD-10-PCS Other Procedure Dates ICD-10-PCS Principal Procedure Code ICD-10-PCS Principal Procedure Date Payment Source Race Sex

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Quality Metrics: Monthly Metrics Dashboard

slide 37:

Mobile Apps TiaAlerts TiaMD NUMR TiaEmergency TiaCoder TiaCare

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