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TiaNuMR is the complete hospital management system developed by TiaTech (also known as TiaTech Ecosystem). This HMS Software can be integrated with telemedicine system, PACS software, medical practice management software and other healthcare apps associated with this. For more details click :


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TiaTech USA Inc. TiaTech Health Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. TIANuMR MODULES

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v Virtual health information management system HIMS v Our mission: Better care at a lower cost. v Systems are fast interoperable store and sort large amounts of data on a secure cloud servers in an intelligent health information exchange environment. v Simplify patient-provider interactions and achieve it in a cost-effective manner. v Modular systems that create ‘Big Data’ DB with analytical features v Use Cases: in Clinical Research Educational with excellent ROI v Next generation EHR ERP solution TiaNuMR v Pioneering Virtual Telehealth DICOM viewers Block Chain technologies and work flow enabled algorithms has made a ‘New Universal Medical Record’ TiaTech Ecosystem

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Our integrated Ecosystem is a workflow enabled management system that incorporates Telehealth EMR Charge Capture Coding Personal Health Portal and Modular Enterprise Resource Planning ERP services to provide a holistic scalable health management system HMS for care providers of all sizes. TiaTech Ecosystem TiaNuMR TiaTele Telehealth Portal TiaCoder Virtual Coding Quality Metrics Database TiaMD Integrated EHR TiaCare Personal Health Portal

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TiaNuMR MODULES 17 Indent Management 18 Reports Module 19 Administrative Console with Revenue Dashboard 20 Doctor Pay Out Module 21 Laboratory Information System 22 Radiology Information System 23 Medical Records 24 Infection Control Module 25 Blood Bank 26 Ambulance Management System 27 Operation Theatre Management 28 Automated Discharge summary generation 29 SMS Management 30 TiaImage PACS 31 Tally Integration / Accounts Module 32 Human Resource Management Employee Portal Employees data with documents Shift Management Leave Management Attendance Management Payroll Salary Advance and Loans Incentives PF ESI TDS PT WPS 1 Appointment System : Online Offline 2 Front Office 3 Queue Management 4 General Billing 5 Cash Module 6 Enquiry 7 Casualty Emergency Management 8 Bay Management Module - Vital Station Automation 9 Doctor’s Module EHR OP IP 10 Insurance Management 11 Pharmacy Billing 12 Purchase Store and Inventory: 13 1. Pharmacy Store Management 14 2. General Store Management 15 In-Patient Module with Automated Discharge Billing 16 Nursing Module

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TiaNuMR MODULES 33 CRM for patients Daily patient communication and feedbacks - Net promoter score 34 House keeping module 35 Asset Maintenance 36 QC module for quality department NABH or JCI indicators 37 Mortuary system 38 Lab QC module for Regents and test 39 Linen Laundry Management 40 Tool for Business development department 41 Address book for communication Doctors and patients - linked to business promotions 42 Media Management 43 Website Management 44 Complaint Management System 45 Digital Signage 46 Bio Medical Waste Management 47 CSSD 48 HR- Recruitment Performance Appraisal Training Exit Interview Job Portal

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Features Industrial Touch Screen Camera Cash Remitter Laser Printer Barcode Reader ID card printer Thermal Printer Pulse Oximeter BP Machine Height Weight Kiosk Thermometer Functionality Registration Renewal Billing Front Office Pharmacy Lab services Cash Collection Report Prescription Printing ID card printing Enquiry Front Office Automation

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1. 30 to 40 Reduction in Staffing Example: 20 number can be reduced to 12 Savings in a year 8 12500 12 INR 1200000.00 2. Additional revenue from Vital station Example: Rs.10 from each Patient. 500 patients per day. Additional Revenue every year 10 500 25 12 INR 1500000.00 3. Convenient workflow for Patients ROI in 6 months Benefits

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1. Doctor Referral Program Network of 100 Doctors can bring minimum 2500 referrals per month bringing a minimum revenue of INR 2500000.00 to INR 25000000.00 2. Connectivity to Apartment Housing complex Example: In a 100 Apartment complex Minimum Pharmacy Sale : INR 100000.00 per month Additional revenue from Labs onsite sample collection Patient Health Application 3. Connectivity with Corporates Institutions Health Check Ups BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES USING TiaTele TiaMD for GP’s BASIC FEATURES Front Office Billing and Cash EHR for Patient Record Management CIMS Tele Connectivity Monthly Cost INR 1500 ROI 3 to 4 Patients from a GP

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Connected Ecosystem APARTMENT

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Tele Opthalmology EHR

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REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT SYSTEM The Registration and Appointment scheduling module is an efficient patient management system that eases capturing of pertinent information of the patients. The scheduling of patient and Physician appointments can be done from this module. The details about schedule of a Physician slots available in his schedule scheduled slots blocked slots tracking of patients and their visits scheduling appointments for unregistered patients and emergency patients can be viewed effortlessly. OFFLINE MODES: FRONT OFFICE TELEPHONIC BOOKING KIOSK ONLINE MODES: TiaCare HEALTH PORTAL MOBILE APPLICATION iOS Android WEB APPLICATION

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QUEUE MANAGEMENT – A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE Digital signage is a network of customizable displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage is used many places such as the mall restaurants hospitals universities and lobbies. It’s a great tool for marketing a new product promoting brand awareness communicating with staff or students and engaging just about any audience in your space. USAGE IN HOSPITAL Promotions:- Digital signage can be used in promotions like Health Checkup Other Packages Expert Doctors Departments Information Hospital Facilities Medical Tourism Related Promotions Dental/Optical/Plastic Surgery related promotions Informing:- Ensuring staff medical students and patients are up-to-date with latest information and answer common health and surgery questions thereby achieving improved staff productivity better patient health and earlier patient awareness of health problems. Digital signage plays an important role in updating the people about all the services such as Token list in OP Area Surgery status in OT Waiting Area OT schedule details inside Operation Theatre Meeting/Training Schedules near Conference/Training Rooms Doctors availability status

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QUEUE MANAGEMENT – A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE Emergency Alert:- The speed with which a digital signage network can disseminate instant messages throughout a large hospital can be literally a lifesaver when a serious emergency arise. Patient Waiting Experience:- In addition to getting information patients can have something to watch that will keep them entertained and less annoyed frustrated by the long wait times they may be Way finding:- Way finding kiosks help patients and visitors navigate around a healthcare facility without having to ask for directions Hospital Canteen Menu:- It can be used to display menu in canteen CONTENT TYPE SUPPORTED • Images • Videos • External website links • Social media pages such as FBTwitter and youtube • RSS Feeds • Data List such as excel sheet • Dynamic Data from external sources such as API/Excel • PPT ETC…

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BILLING AND CASH This module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different Outpatient and Inpatient categories. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges lab tests conducted medicines issued consultant’s fee food beverage and telephone charges etc. The system is tuned to capture room and bed charges along with ancillary charges based on the sponsorship category. Salient Features Include: • Payment modes/details • Patient billing details • Sponsor conversions • Part bill generation • Multi sponsor billing • Multi currency payment • User-defined billing cycles • Cash collection dashboards

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INFORMATION DESK / ENQUIRY This module deals with all types of enquiries received in regard to the hospital and in regard to the patients who are admitted or registered. Salient Features Include: • Patient enquiry • Appointments enquiry • Investigation appointment enquiry • Consultants enquiry • Investigation enquiry • In-patient enquiry • Tariff information • Packages information • Estimates • Visitor pass management

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CASUALTY AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT This module deals in taking care of patients from the time they arrive in the casualty till the time they are transferred to a department in the hospital for further treatment. This module sends alerts to the corresponding departments captures all the relevant data on patient’s condition at the time of arrival and the course of action undertaken and in turn helps in the planning the further treatments and procedures. Casualty and emergency module is integrated with Tele Medicine functionalities. Salient Features Include: • Capturing of whatever basic patient demographic information is available at the time of registration of the casualty and updating the same when fully available • Online connectivity to Doctors using Tele Medicine applications • Doctor scheduling and emergency workflow management • Lab test reports • Diagnosis • Service orders and bookings • Pharmacy/surgical details • Statutory forms and reports etc.

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BAY MANAGEMENT / VITAL STATION AUTOMATION Pulse Oximeter BP Machine Height Weight Thermometer Capture vitals before patient reaches the Doctors room using wireless vital measuring equipments and Stethoscope. Stethoscope

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IP AND OP EHR FOR DOCTORS - TiaMD and TiaCoder The CPOE Computerized Physician Order Entry system and speech to text is a part of the workbench where the Physician can record the patient symptoms diagnose and order treatment plans. The user interface has been designed such that all the key information about the patient such as medical observation lab results radiology images with results and all other relevant information can be viewed and entered in a single screen or using minimum number of clicks. PLATFORMS:- MOBILE APPLICATION iOS AND ANDROID WEB APPLICATION

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PHARMACY INFORMATION SYSTEM This module deals with the retail sale of medicines to general customers OPD patients and issue of medicines to the in-patients in the hospital. Its functions include online drug prescription and inventory management and billing of drugs surgical and consumables. Salient Features Include: • Provides a comprehensive online list of available drugs for the doctors • Displays alternative drugs for the non available drugs • Supports interfacing with drug databases like CIMS and DOCTOR FIRST • Auto-generation of alerts when minimum stock levels are reached • Online requisition for stock order from the main store • Provision to manage consignment items • Barcode/RFID for the items • Can be interfaced with Pneumatic tube for dispatch • Drug allergy alerts

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RADIOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM This module facilitates management of the workflow of radiology services and equipment in addition to supporting entry of work records and reports. The ultimate objective is to store all patient images scans and ECG graphs in the system or as electronic files due to its integration with PACS thereby eliminating the unnecessary retrieval and dissemination of films. This module also has tele-radiology facility wherein a radiologist can remotely access DICOM files using our mobile and web application for reporting Salient Features Include: • Interfaced with EHR • Billing using radiology orders from clinical module • Requisition generation from lab order/bill • Requisition creation based on facility test and modality • HL7 message generation for patient creation order creation • Requisition status change • Report entry using templates • Reporting with HL7 message generation and send it to PACS • Prints with NABL standards • Access previous lab results based on tests • Dashboard for TAT • Dashboard for work in progress • Speech-to-text for radiologist reporting

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LABORATORY INFORMATION SYSTEM his module is used by the pathology lab to record and disseminate the information regarding the tests performed. The laboratory department receives online orders from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. Salient Features Include: • Service and test setup • Diagnostic packages using different tests • Billing using lab orders from clinical module • Requisition generation from lab order/bill • Requisition creation based on facility wise test wise sample type wise • Sample collection process • Interfacing with lab analyzers • Results fetching from analyzer data • Results recheck process • Results authorization • Redo process from sample collection • Prints with NABL standards • Access previous lab results based on tests and UHID number • Lab reagents and kits inventory management • Dashboard for authorization • Dashboard for TAT • Dashboard for work in progress • Analysis dashboard based on parameters and tests

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INSURANCE This module is integrated to the inpatient management module. Reports of the patients admitted under different insurance companies can be taken separately. Various options are provided to take detailed bills. Salient Features Include: • EDI interface with insurance / billing company • Biller Portal • Charge capture solution • ICD10 coding

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PURCHASE STORE AND INVENTORY The General and PharmacyStores module has been designed to cater to all the needs of the hospital staff in carrying out their duties with the aid of items being made available from the General Stores and Pharmacy department. The procurement cycle of the items from the suppliers to issuance of the same to the end users has been covered. Salient Features Include: • Master pages to create Groups Sub-Groups Units Suppliers and Items • Ability to create templates for different forms of item purchase • Quotation entry and comparison • Purchase order for cash non-stock items emergency purchase service • Sub-store operations and departmental cycle from request queue approval and transfer • Ability to issue to other hospitals and return from other hospitals • Physical stock adjustments • Handling of expired items with return to suppliers or destroy of expired items • The Supplier master record creates a sub-ledger account in financial accounting • External hospital stock issues and receipt • Stock requisitions from sub-stores and corresponding management • Purchase order generation • Supplier management and supplier payment bucket facility available

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INPATIENT MANAGEMENT This module commences when the patient is being registered and allotted a bed in the ward. It deals with the complete treatment and services provided to the patient during his/her stay in the hospital. Salient Features Include: • Conversion from OP to IP • NABH/JCI standards in registration process • RFID wrist band for tracking of patient in the hospitals • Bed allotment • Inter-departmental consultation • Bed transfers • Requisition of drugs and consumables from the pharmacy • Raising investigations and report viewing • Maintenance of billing sheets for patients • Dashboard for billing activities/audit • Dashboard for quick links counts revenue discount etc • Discharge billing and summary

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NURSING MANAGEMENT This module offers the window to nursing or ward staff and facilitates them to manage their wards on a floor. Special units like ICU and OT are practically and effectively managed and the module also tracks all services given to a patient connecting to their wards. Salient Features Include: • Access to patient administration system • Ability to link in with the order communications • Notification of patient’s pending arrival current status etc • Comprehensive charts to monitor the patient’s condition • Real time test procedure and medication ordering to the concerned departments • For surgery the theatre schedule is notified together with any preparation required • Ability to record admissions discharge and transfers at the wards to update the bed census • Confirm location of the patient and to notify ancillary departments such as dietary • Communicating with departments such as housekeeping maintenance security etc • Procedure notes • Nursing notes

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INTERFACE MANAGEMENT We provides a provision for interfacing with various digital equipments and external software which are used in healthcare operations. These include laboratory equipments such as bio analyzers monitoring equipments that are used to monitor the vitals of a patient digital camera for storing captured patient photographs radiology equipments using PACS technology and interfacing with Tally ERP for Accounts and Finance management. These digital equipments and software can be interfaced with our application to fetch data from these instruments and save them in the system against particular patient. Equipments Software that can be interfaced are: • Tally ERP • X-Ray Machines • Ultrasound Machines • Digital Bio Analyzers • VCT Scanners • MRI Scanners • Abbott Point of Care • Bosch Fundus Camera • ICU Monitors • Other Medical Equipments

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OPERATION THEATRE MANAGEMENT This module tracks all surgeries that take place in the hospital. Right from scheduling the operation managing the surgery team recording the surgery details to checklists associated with a surgery it manages in advance and prepares for a surgery or operation by keeping the records of all items required during the operation. It enables an electronic consent of the patient or the relatives. It also maintains the data on preoperative and postoperative conditions of the patient. Salient Features Include: • Accurate scheduling of the operations with flexibility in managing bookings • Pre operative checklist • Time out document • Anesthesia record • Operation record • Inventory and stock management of the OT • Sterilization schedules checks and audits

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT This module takes care of the complete working of the human resources management in the hospital from the time candidates apply for a job till the time they resign. It includes a variety of activities like deciding what staffing needs you have recruiting training and conforming to various regulations maintaining shift rotation and delivering reports on workload on an individual. Salient Features Include: • Interface with biometrics for daily attendance • Leave management • Duty roster • Overtime management • Salary PF TDS loans management • Pay slip generation through intranet portal • Bonus and incentive management • Outsource employee management

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REPORTING MODULE AND STATISTICS This module provides information to the management to help them take the right decisions. It helps in measuring the performance of each department in the hospital. Data can be mined as per the analysis required. Salient Features Include: • Privilege dashboards for the department heads to monitor and measure performance • Top management dashboards • Clinical dashboards • Facility for exporting the data into various formats like Excel and PDF • Department-wise revenue details • Quality indicators as per NABH and JCI requirements • Easily customizable reports as per the management’s needs • Auto-scheduler for generating the reports and sending the reports by Email • SMS alerts generation • Operational business reporting for work reports

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DIETARY MODULE This module lets the dietician prescribe the most suitable diet to any given patient based on his/her medical condition as instructed by the physician. It also allows the maintenance of meal scheduling customizing meals as per patient meals and recording of individual meal orders. Salient Features Include: • Allows the user to create the food items groups and food items available in the hospital kitchen • Captures the calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items • Facilitates capturing of recipes that are made up of food items or other recipes and their proportionate quantities. • Charts for maintaining the nutritive information of different food stuffs • Creation of a meal plan for the kitchen by the dietician in the system for breakfast lunch and dinner for any given period of time as per the requirements of patients • Generates an order for the kitchen providing a list of items to be prepared for each day based on the requirements of the patient

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CSSD MODULE CSSD module enables users to have the inventory information of items that need to be sterilized in the form of packs/sets or individual quantity by keeping track of such items received/issued to departments like OT Cath Lab ICU Emergency and Ward in the hospital Salient Features Include:- • Master Pages for Items Trays Templates and Checklists • Sterilization Queue screen to perform all the daily activities with respect to CSSD • Scheduled maintenance of sterilization of trays and items • Monitoring of the quality of sterilization • Capturing of date and timestamps for effective monitoring of turn-around-time

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QUALITY AND INFECTION CONTROL The Quality and Infection control module is used to track all cases of incidents and infections in the hospital with a workflow for escalation based on severity. It is fully integrated with the other modules of Tiatech and allows seamless transfer of information Salient Features Include:- • Incidents can be related to patient staff visitors or others • Incident queue with status • Incidents can be filtered based on incident type date range and reporting department • Escalation to higher levels for comments if required • Classify an incident according to category and subcategory based on the severity of the incident • Infection cases reported consists of Doctor marks the diagnosis as Infection during Medical observation IP/OP or at a later stage Positive microbiological cultures OP and IP Direct reporting by nurse and doctor in case of IP notifiable diseases

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ASSET AND MAINTENANCE MODULE The Fixed Assets Module deals with all the activities that are related to the Fixed Assets in a hospital. This module handles all the assets of the hospital and covers functions like identifying an item as a fixed asset and then allocating specific depreciation on that asset managing the movement of the asset maintenance of the asset revaluation and disposal etc. are monitored regularly. Asset adjustments Asset Transfer Asset revaluation Asset Disposal is possible in this module. The module lists down all the machineries maintained by the hospital and the preventative schedules along with the due dates. Any breakdowns on part of the machinery and other functionalities would also be recorded in the system. Provision to capture details such as spares used for service and man hours consumed to arrive at the total cost of the maintenance activity is also available.

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