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We are a group of experts and dependably attempt to do one of a kind things. It's not only a work for us. We help each other like a sibling and we work lethal until our profoundly fulfillment and demonstrate our remarkable aptitudes in this field. At Thunder World Tattoos, we cannot say that we are the best tattoo studio on the planet we trust our diligent work, capacity and pride and you are the judged. Such a variety of long time we demonstrate our imagination and astounded our customer and when they are flabbergasted and saying wow that is our accomplishment and we overlook our tiredness and reloaded for another wow it's all about for your smile, thank you folks.


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About Us:

About Us Thunder World Tattoos can not saying we are the best tattoo studio in the world we believe our hard work, ability & dignity and you are the judged. So many long time we are show our creativity and surprised our client and when they are amazed and saying wow that is our achievement and we forget our tiredness and reloaded for another wow it's all about for your smile

Black & Gray Wash Tattoos :

Black & Gray Wash Tattoos Black Ink is use for strong outlining and Gray wash is low to high pigment it's use on artist requirement depend on design. Black & Gray wash Tattoo is like Black & white image & pencil sketch and it's feeling is totally different & classy. Lots of flash design create base on Black & Gray wash tattoo.

Colour Tattoos:

Colour Tattoos Colored Tattoos are very famous and have been known since a very long time. In fact, archaeologists report finding a 2400-year-old mummy with a tattoo still visible on her upper arm. As early as 2000 BC, the Egyptians practiced the art of tattooing. This art form of Colored Tattooing was popular with the sailors as early as the sixteenth century.

Cover Ups or Modifications:

Cover Ups or Modifications When you go for a first tattoo if you drunk or immature and you can not able to take decision and you get tattoo by a unprofessional and you just got a worst tattoo. After that you realize OMG. Body Modification is not a joke but don't worry a professional tattoo artist can Cover Up it.

Calligraphy Lettering:

Calligraphy Lettering The word 'Calligraphy' has evolved from two words, the first being ' Kallos ' meaning beauty and second ' graphe ' which means writing. This form of writing has been used since several decades, the first ones being just capital letters. But in today's fashionable world, this art has turned into a way of displaying emotions and direct messages with using tattoos

Feminine or Girls Tattoos:

Feminine or Girls Tattoos Feminine tattoo is for Girls. It is different from other tattoo. These type of design create for girls. It's cute like girls for example butterfly tattoo, flower tattoo, angle tattoo etc.

Dark Skins Tattoo:

Dark Skins Tattoo when your skin tone is dark and you think tattoo is not suitable for me than I telling you are wrong. African, Brazilian they can't think dark. they are tattooing for a passion able life & enjoy it. we have dark rich black Ink for dark skin tattoo.

Portrait Tattoos :

Portrait Tattoos Portrait tattoos are a difficult proposition. When done correctly, these are among the most enviable of all inked images. When we get family portrait on our body we fell he/she always with me. It is not for other for me only with love & emotion.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Address: 25, Jodhpur Guarden, Kolkata – 700045. (Opp. South City Mall, Behind Honda Bike Showroom ) Phone: +91 - 9874940591 / 8013371916 Email:



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