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Professional Attitudes and Goals by Dr. V. SANKAR Prof. in EEE Registrar i/c JNTUA

Contents :

Contents Introduction Basic Characteristics of a Profession Knowledge and Reason Six Characteristics of Professional attitudes Ethical Attitudes Unselfish attitude Responsible Attitudes Theoretical Attributes Commitment Intellectual abilities


Contd… Goals Stages of Development of a Profession Reflection & Action Planning Follow-up Activity


Introduction Professionalism is a passion for personal responsibility, devotion to the proposed research work, commitment to a mission, and openness to new ideas and alternatives. Professionalism is one of those concepts that is so familiar yet complex that each has a different understanding of its meaning. Basic Characteristics of a Profession

Basic Characteristics of a Profession:

Basic Characteristics of a Profession Value Orientation to research work Proper Direction, Decision-Making & Action Related to research work Abstract Knowledge Used, Adaptability & Skills, in the area of research work & theoretical frame work

Knowledge and Reason:

Knowledge and Reason Expert knowledge for the theoretical framework. Decision-making and action are to be made based on expertise, knowledge and reason. Participate in a unified professional membership.

Six Characteristics of Professional attitudes :

Six Characteristics of Professional attitudes Ethical Altruistic Responsible Theoretical Intellectual Committed

Ethical Attitudes:

Ethical Attitudes Deal honestly with others. Confidentiality regarding professional matters, should be maintained. Recognize professional biases and bases attitude and action upon strong fundamentals. Believes that others recognize the stature of a professional. Does not misrepresent personal qualifications. Faces self honestly.

Unselfish attitude :

Unselfish attitude Behave unselfishly Devote practice to the interests of others. Demonstrate motives for professional practice that are NOT selfish Show respect for others. Show positive attitude.

Responsible Attitudes:

Responsible Attitudes Promise only what can be delivered. Follow through on commitments. Deliver on time. Say “no” without guilt. Accountable for own actions. Support the basic principles of the profession. Develop a philosophy and sound rationale for professional practice. Think before reacting. Foresee possible outcomes of professional actions. i.e., Prediction probability assessment, risk involved, risk assessment, risk management. Make decisions based on possibilities.


Contd… Evaluate one’s professional practice. Confronts discrepancies between intentions and actions. Assesses own contribution realistically. Consider the best interest in research work. Application oriented Service oriented Useful to the environment Useful to the society by and large

Theoretical Attributes:

Theoretical Attributes Practice critical thinking. Contribute to knowledge base. Show appreciation for scholarliness, research and theory. Present the theoretical foundation of ideas and actions. Evaluate own professional practice in light of new conditions and knowledge.


Commitment Spend time beyond the call of duty. Take an active part in professional organizations or society memberships. Identify the profession both when it is praised and criticized. Articulate with distinct ideas the philosophy of the profession and practice.

Intellectual abilities:

Intellectual abilities Read current journals . Update the knowledge of technical advances. Read about own and related professions and specialties. Interact with colleagues to gain new perspectives . Participate in conferences. Enrollment in courses regularly. Strive toward self-improvement . Develop performance skills. Communication skills Proper presentation skills Correctness of the presentation


Goals Achieving Professionalism Exhibit the three characteristics of a profession. Identify and eliminate anti-professional developments Increased visibility as professionals will be required to create and sustain positive professional advancement. Work is worship knowledge is wisdom. Both put together one can achieve the goals. Aim high to achieve something atleast. If no aim is there it may not be possible to achieve any thing.

Stages of Development of a Profession:

Stages of Development of a Profession Pre-Professional Applier Analyst Integrator

Reflection & Action Planning:

Reflection & Action Planning Applying the concepts which have been learnt to do in the future to improve professional attitudes. Notice your own actions and those of others that exhibit that element of, or lack of, professionalism. Carefully evaluate self actions and how they relate to one’s internal beliefs and assumptions. Challenge whether the belief or assumption is valid. Create an action plan to work on bringing more coherence between actions and beliefs, creating greater integrity and authenticity.


Contd… Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in human kindness. Excite it like inductive coils for self and mutual induction. Arise, awake and work for the goals and stop not till the goal is reached.

Follow-up Activity:

Follow-up Activity Make an appointment with a professional to learn more about the career you seek. Derive the satisfactions from your practice Increase effectiveness as a professional Ensure oneself on their own development as a professional Share your findings at a follow-up with other research scholars meeting.


Contd… In research methodology “ What lies already should be in professional attitude, hard work as well as pleasure of the hunt some frustration but more satisfaction periods of confusion but the confidence that at the end it will make all come together”. Research starts from where it ended with the others where as research ends from the beginning of individuals

Interactive Session:

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