Angkor Wat- A Destination of Awe-inspiring Architecture and Undivided

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If you are planning for the Holidays To Cambodia in the upcoming months, then it's time to turn thought into a real plan for this country. Go and cherish the beauty of this pièce de résistance forever.


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Angkor Wat- A Destination of Awe-inspiring Architecture and Undivided Faith If you are planning for the ​Holidays To Cambodia ​in the upcoming months then its the time to turn thought into a real plan for this country because it is : 1. Home to the largest religious building in the World 2. Home of rare animal species 3. The heart lies in the traditional and mind towards growth 4. A country without McDonald outlet 5. Where new year and other festivals are celebrated like nowhere 6. A home of dolphins 7. Got a great blend of awe-struck landscape sights and contemporary lifestyle This country is much beyond internet exposure as only by visiting here you will get the real feel and authenticity of the country which might not be possible with a few clicks. One such destination that your Cambodia tour package must include is the Angkor Wat. This place is the headquarters of the largest spiritual structure in the World dated back to the late 9th to 14th century. This place is the key to grant entry to another world of peace and faith where

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your soul can dip into the true essence of life and happiness. Are you ready to take the virtual tour to this energetic contagious and striking destination Without wasting more time let’s drive our virtual car directly to the airport for the best Holidays To Cambodia experience. Angkor Wat got placed on the national flag of the country. Considered as the classical example of Khmer architecture formerly the temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva which was later shifted to Lord Vishnu and now it becomes a significant symbol of the Buddhist faith. The place has marked itself in the book of UNESCO heritage site for its unshattered faith and unbeatable beauty. Lies 5.5 km in the modern city of Siem Reap is considered as the representation of Mount Meru. The most deserving and sought-after experience at the Angkor Wat is the experience of the unsaid beauty of the sunrise over the central Angkor Wat temple. The beautiful and shiny orange ball rising slowly and spreading the light gradually in the whole sky ignite the experience of paradise. Angkor Archaeological complex consists of more than 1000 temples with endless corridors artistic carvings narrow chambers dancing figures elephant gates depicting the stories of Ramayana Mahabharata churning of the sea of milk and lots more.

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How to travel To land here book your flight to Phnom Penh the capital city of the country which will take around 45-55 minutes at the cost of cost 160 round way. A private taxi is another option to consider if you want to stop in between for sightseeing coffee break. The journey without stopping takes 5 hours and 75 cost. Go for economical or VIP bus service to reach Siem Reap as it takes 6-7 hours at the range of 5-12. In this lively country Ferry boat can be another mode of transportation to reach Siem Reap taking 8 hours costing around 35. On reaching Siem Reap take a tuk-tuk ride to get the real feel of the country and the true essence of the ​Cambodia Holidays ​. It is impossible to cover the Angkor in a single day as it is spread in 400 square km so it is advisable to spend some days here and buy a multi-day ticket to get easy re-entry into the temple.

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Best time to visit The best time to visit the temple is between November to March as there will less heat and mild weather. Try to avoid a visit in April due to high temperatures. While visiting the place proper clothing is mandatory clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Wear comfortable footwear as the tour includes roaming and walking. Book your Tour today Almost all ​Cambodia Tour Package included Angkor Wat in a must-visit destination. Go for the expert travel agent service and discover the unwritten and beautiful part of the country. The experience travel agent will let you behold the beauty of this paradise forever. Go and cherish the beauty of this ​pièce de résistance ​ forever.

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