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If you like parties and dancing, you can’t miss a chance to participate in a camp fire and folk games organized in Ba Na hill at night. Book Vietnam Tour Package soon and enjoy the beauty of the night. Know more at


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Should You Stay A Night In Ba Na Hill List  Of Ba Na Hill Accommodations    Located in the Truong Son Mountain on the west of Da Nang City Ba Na Hill Station is a                                       mountaintop resort complex including modern accommodations world-class restaurants and                   fantasy park. Due to its location and activities most of the tourists are wonder should stay a night in                                       Ba Na hill to explore all the charm of it I say why not

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1. Reasons why you should stay a night in Ba                     Na hill  Experience seasons changing in one day: lying at an altitude of 1487 metres the atmosphere in Ba                                   Na hill is incredible and unique you can experience 4 seasons in one day. Normally visitors come to                                     Ba Na hill on early morning and leave at the late afternoon they will miss the sweet winter at                                       midnight. If you can stay overnight you have a chance to feel the dazzling cool in middle of the                                       summer.    Behold enchanted scene: Not noisy and bustling with tons of people during the day Ba Na hill by                                     night is more romantic dreamy and mysterious. It is an ideal time for you to feel the incredible                                     beauty of this paradise truly. Instead of being in rush to get back to the cable car on time you now                                           have more time for wandering around the glamorous Le D’ardin Lamour garden or contemplating                             stunning scene from Golden Bridge. And do not forget to catch special dawn in Ba Na hill between                                     clouds marvelous mountains and forests the ancient city in Truong Son mountain appears shine                             and bright. I bet that would be the most wonderful dawn in your life ever.

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Participate in outdoor activities: If you like parties and dancing you can’t miss a chance to                                 participate in a camp fire and folk games organized in Ba Na hill at night. Book ​Vietnam Tour                                     Package soon and enjoy the beauty of the night. ​Everyone will gather around the fire in the centre of                                     the ancient city and play traditional games of Vietnam tell their stories and make friends.    2. Accommodation in Ba Na Hill  Morin Hotel Ba Na Hill  The first choice for your accommodation in Ba Na Hill is Morin Hotel. Designed with French                                 architectural model Morin Hotel is a 4-star luxury hotel in Ba Na Hill. The hotel contains 56 deluxe                                     and suite rooms fully equipped which will allow you to have incredible memories.

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After wandering around have some time for relaxing in the restaurant of hotel. Fill your stomach                                 with delicious Asian and European cuisine in three different dinning rooms. You can directly watch                               all the chefs cooking through an open kitchen system. And finish your night at the bar on the terrace                                       of the hotel which is better than watching the sky feeling the cool fresh air on the mountain while                                       listening to the melodious music.  On your time in Morin Hotel you can experience entertaining activities in the area. Loosen your body                                   at the Spa and Massage Centre in the hotel after a long day walking dive in the cool fresh water at                                           the pool or train your body at the gym.  The price ranges from 1.500.000 – 2.200.000 VND 70-100 usd per room night quite reasonable                               for the utilities and the location of the Morin hotel. The check-in and check-out time at 2 p.m and 12                                         a.m accordingly.

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Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village  Known as one of the most expensive and luxury hotels in Ba Na Hill Mercure Ba Na Hills French                                       Village has majestic natural scenery and a magnificent view of Da Nang City from high altitude. This                                   is a true paradise for anyone looking for accommodation in Ba Na Hill.    Inspired by ancient French villages in the 19th century the hotel likes a time machine that brings                                   customers to go back in time when Gothic architecture was at the glory period. Come to Mercure Ba                                     Na Hills French Village you not only receive dedicated service but also have a chance to take part in                                       various entertaining activities in the hotel.  With 494 classic style rooms divided into 8 types: Standard Superior Deluxe Executive Suite Family                               Suite Family Bunks Family Superior and Royal Suite every customer can easily choose an                             accordant room for themselves and their family. Each room is designed with open space with fresh                                 atmosphere natural light and equipped modern devices.

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Just like a small village in the top of the mountain you can find any entertainment activities in                                     Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village from luxury swimming pool modern sports centre and incredible                               cinema system. Just fully unwind and enjoy your royal experience.  Debay Hotel  Located independently between two cable car systems Debay Hotel is an ancient hotel in Ba Na Hill.                                   For who loves tranquil and romantic scene it will be a good accommodation for your vacation. The                                   hotel includes 21 luxury rooms which are decorated in bright colors and fully equipped.      Unlike the two hotels mentioned above Debay Hotel is an isolated hotel there is no spa centre or                                     fancy swimming pool here. But it brings truly relaxation for your body and your mind. In your time at                                       Debay Hotel you can have a look at enchanted forests and majestic mountain surrounding the hotel                                 have time to discover the beauty of nature and maybe find peace in your soul.

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The price for a room in Debay Hotel is about 1.100.000 – 1.600.000 VND 50 – 75 usd per night.                                         There are 3 kinds of room for you to choose: Debay Deluxe Senior Deluxe and Debay Suite.  3. Some notes for an overnight Ba Na hill tour   For your best experience at Ba Na Hill Hotels here are some notes:  - If you bring along lots of luggage you can call the hotel staff at the cable car station. They will get                                             to you and lead to the priority line that takes you directly to the hotel. If not you can take your time                                             and visit Ba Na Hill first then get back to the hotel for check-in.  - The weather in Ba Na Hill changes from day to night it may be cool in the early morning but gets                                             hot at noon and becomes cold at night. Remember to bring along suitable clothes that you can                                   quickly put on or take off  - From April to August is the peak season if you want to visit and have an overnight at Ba Na Hill                                             you’d better have a travel agent checked and reserve the room ahead of time to avoid out of rooms.  - The price of hotels is subject to the location type of room and service and your booking time.                                       Especially at peak season weekends and holidays it is usually higher than normal days so you                                 should check the price closely and ask for help if you don’t understand. Normally the hotline of the                                     hotel serve 24/7 so you can call at any hour to ask for information and advice. Don’t get shy if you                                           have a lot of questions the receptionist is willing to answer and help you choose the most                                   convenient as well as suitable room for you and your family.  Maybe now you already have your choice which Ba Na Hill accommodation is right for you. So wait                                     no more come and enjoy the paradise.

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