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If you are on the tours to Vietnam, you should make sure to explore the mentioned cultural tours or regret later. We hope you book your best tours in Vietnam and have a memorable time with family and friends.


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Give Your Vietnam Tour A Cultural Touch By Visiting These Art Performances While traveling to the “S-Shaped country” Vietnam everyone strives to capture the travelgram pictures. The country is not only rich in culture and heritage but also offers some impressive acrobatics dancing and live music performances. You can spend a full day sightseeing and relax your mind later in the evening visiting these exceptional cultural shows. Some of them throw light on meaningful stories about the history and culture of the mesmerizing country. The art performances show the innermost feelings of the locals encourage them for a happy and better life and are also a mode of communication with the travelers. If you are on the tours to Vietnam ​ you should surely explore the below-mentioned cultural tours or regret later.

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Water Puppet Show: Location: Thang Long Water Puppet Theater 57B Dinh Tien Hoang - Hoan Kiem - Ha Noi Hanoi 10000 Vietnam The show would last for around 1.5 hours taking you on a cultural ride of Vietnam. The water Puppet show is a traditional art form and originated around 10 centuries ago. The name arrives from the folk stories of farmers working in the field. Here the puppets made from wood dance on the water and convey the folktale or about a legendary national hero. The puppets are controlled using strings and bamboo rods. It is a form of entertainment carried out by the farmers themselves and the excellent performance shall draw everyone’s attention. You can book your tickets online and enjoy the show.

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Quan Ho Singing: Do you wish to travel back to history and have melodious experiences in your ​Vietnam travel packages ​ Then you should not miss the chance of visiting Kinh Bac which is known today as Bac Ninh and Bac Giang Provine. It is Vietnamese folk music that has been in existence for the past 300 years where couplesmale and female sing beautifully. As a traveler it is a good opportunity to meet locals befriend them and understand the Vietnamese culture. In this show two groups of performers come on a dragon boat and respond to each other by exchanging melodies. You would be surprised to know that there are about 400 songs with more than 200 different melodies. Above that the male and the female singers performing

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together can not marry each other. The symphony is an expression of feelings of couples who break up involuntarily. Cultural space of Gong: This is one such show which will make you GaGa about the Vietnamese music and the culture they share. The show is held in the Central Highlands and is related to the rituals and ceremonies of the Vietnamese locals. When people do not understand the language and customs Gong music helps them to connect to the community. For the local tribe Gong is a must-have musical instrument. Gongs are available in a set and often come in 20 different shaped and sized items. Gong music is common in Vietnam and played on many occasions like the Elephant Race Festival the Spring Festivals and more.

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A O Show : This performance has received great appreciation worldwide and is a must-watch if you love Vietnamese traditions and culture. The countryside beauty and the urbanization concepts are shows through this dance form. It consists of bamboo circus contemporary dance music and other traditional yet artistic elements. All the props including the basket scaffolding bamboo canes and the ropes of the show are made from bamboo and closely depict the daily life of Vietnamese people and their development today.

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Fan Dance: The name is derived from the prop used in this dance form the fans. Four to five beautiful dancers carry fans in their hands dance elegantly imitating flowers enjoying the gentle breeze. If we trust the sources it is believed that the dance form originated in meadows and open fields. This dance form has also gained much popularity in neighboring countries like China and Korea. We hope you book your ​best tours in Vietnam and have a memorable time with family and friends. We assure you the above performance will never dissatisfied you.

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