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Read this write up now to learn the importance and benefits of performing electronic testing or wet testing to detect the hidden leaks on roofs. Visit for more information.


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How Electronic Roof Leak Testing Works?:

How Electronic Roof Leak Testing Works?


“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” - Benjamin Franklin


Electronic roof leak detection is a non-invasive means of detecting pinhole leaks in a flat roofs membrane. This is considered as an ideal leak detection method and also referred as wet test.


Using electronic leak detection, any defects within the waterproofing membrane are identified to within mm accuracy. This provides the client a peace of mind that the installed flat roof is fit for purpose and has a reliable service life.


ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY Electronic roof leak detection method does not involve any harmful chemicals or heavy equipment to perform the testing. It consumes only a less amount of water, hence considered environmentally friendly and provides more positive results.


BENEFITS OF ELECTRONIC TESTING Compatible with 99% of Flat Roofs Detects Pinhole Leaks Quick and Efficient Method Non-Invasive


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