Ultrasound Testing for Water Leak Detection in UK


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Looking for an efficient method for water leak detection in UK? Thornton Roof Leak Detection specialises in locating and analysing water leaks through ultrasound testing. Know more at http://www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


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Did you know? Ultrasound can be used to detect cracks in metals and plastics that are made in factories. This is because the ultrasonic waves reflect off cracks more than the metal or plastic. www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Why Ultrasonic Testing? Normally, leaks in basement and cellar are difficult to locate and resolve. But, using ultrasonic testing for water leak detection is extremely sensitive and it effectively scans everything from minute leaks to screamers. www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Important Features Gives precise measurement Accurately detects air leakage paths Efficiently traces water leakage paths www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Procedure Ultrasound emissions are localised around the leak site. The instrument should be placed in line with the leak path. Remove the dirt or debris along the leak path because they can block ultrasound. Follow the sound of the leak to the loudest point and note down the leak amplitude. www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Ultrasound readings are not simple to analyse, so filter out the extraneous sound. Combine the result with simulated rainfall testing for an accurate result. Ultrasound testing can be used to determine air paths in impermeable sections of the building envelope, especially glazing and curtain walling. www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Looking for the best way to find water leaks in your commercial space? Visit www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk Call: 01342 410508 E-mail: mail@thorntonconsulting.co.uk www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk

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