Young Adult Fellowship Statement 2

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The Resistance:

The Resistance

Young Adult Fellowship Group:

Young Adult Fellowship Group

When Do They Meet? :

When Do They Meet?

Where Do We Meet ?:

Where Do We Meet ?

What Are We Doing ?:

What Are We Doing ? Developing friendships with believers Learning how to trust and share Becoming God’s instrument in the answer to the prayers of others Preparing to give a reason for the faith that we hold Depending on God for ears that want to hear, eyes that want to see, and hearts that want to obey Asking the hard questions

Why Do We Meet ?:

Why Do We Meet ? We’re hoping you will find a place of safety and growth with us We’re hoping you will come to see the value in close fellowship We’re hoping you will benefit from sharing and trust We’re hoping you will become stronger in your faith and wise in your witness We’re hoping you will bring others with you We’re hoping you will grow to where it’s time for you to leave and begin caring for others with a servant’s heart

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With Me !

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