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Thomas Rekem Fantasy Writer Thomas Rekem writes fantasy novels for loyal fans around the world. His novels are available in e-book form on Amazon, and he plans to release a few physical copies of his next book, Creations in Time to local Detroit bookstores in December of 2015. Rekem has been drawn to the fantasy realm since he powered through the Lord of the Rings trilogy in sixth grade.


Thomas Rekem Budding Fantasy Author Thomas Rekem is a budding fantasy author with ten novels to his name. Rekem has produced many digital copies of his books over the past five years, but in December 2015, he plans to release a limited number of copies of his next novel, Creations in Time, for his loyal Detroit fans. Rekem hopes to hold a book signing along with the rare release of physical copies of his novel.


Thomas Rekem University of Detroit Graduate Thomas Rekem graduated from the University of Detroit in 2009. He earned a Creative Writing degree and went to work as a copywriter for a sleek, downtown Detroit advertising agency. He also started writing fantasy novels nights and weekends. After a year of working for the advertising agency, he quit and starting writing novels full time. He has found thousands of readers around the world that love his work.


Thomas Rekem Novelist Thomas Rekem is a fantasy novelist living and working in Detroit. He graduated from the University of Detroit in 2009 and started writing books in the genre he has always loved since he was a child reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Rekem ’ s novels are full of the same elements of magic and old kingdoms as Tolkien ’ s classic novels.


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