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and the Christchurch Earthquake Alice Blair Daniel van Wely Eng Poh Jessica Murphy Thomas Mead

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young adults use facebook a lot yeah, you’re guilty

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how did young adults use facebook during the recent earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 ?

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new media technologies do not just add to culture, they transform it completely Neil Postman

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social media was “used heavily by the authorities, media and citizens” in the Queensland floods disaster. Mark Freeman University of Wollongong

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“twitter affords citizen journalists the possibility to break profound news stories to a global public” Wayne Xin Zhao Jing Jiang “twitter actively help[s] spread news of important world events” Dhiraj Murthy

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most disaster research focuses on twitter so we focused on facebook

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a qualitative approach ______________________________________ provides “a high level of measurement precision and statistical power” - Schroder an online survey wide range of responses

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9 37 91 % % % overall increase in facebook use accessed facebook within 24 hours accessed facebook almost immediately after the earthquakes

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communication connected inside New Zealand 100% 38% 59% connected outside of New Zealand contacted place of education 15% contacted local organizations 29% contacted their workplace

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information 63% ‘liked’ at least one earthquake information page 49% used facebook take part of a volunteer movement “being able to get instant updates on the earthquakes and aftermath was very practical and useful” “connected me with all the information I needed”

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good feelings isolation “I would of felt more alienated from others” ___________________________ “there’s a community feel on facebook” “a coping mechanism”

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In the event of similar disaster, we recommend that organizations (from work places to response teams) have an active voice on facebook. go spread the love virtual community the result?

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thanks for watching!

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