Thomas Capriola - Adventurous From Bay Shore, New York


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Thomas Capriola has remained a part of great companies and has managed to become a salesman of the year at Atlantic Toyota of Smithtown 2010 through his utmost persistence. To know more about him visit his official site


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Thomas Capriola Adventurous | Former Cadet Captain, LaSalle Military Academy

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David Sklaver Thomas Capriola from Islip Terrace NY at the NYC Marathon gave an interview which gained much significance. Thomas shed light on his all-time marathoner experience. He also shed light on the vitality of internet and its several pros and cons.

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David Sklaver In 1968, Tom Capriola started the Emerald Mermaid Yacht Club. It is basically a sailing club out of East Islip NY the membership ruled the Great South Bay through the 1970's till the club was split in 1981.

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David Sklaver He also mentioned “Sure, it’s useful to have a collection of running blogs and websites jam-packed with tips, tricks, and first marathon stories, but that overwhelming amount of information isn’t continually useful. Google “How to run a marathon” and you’ll a number of articles telling “the do’s and don’ts” when it is about running 26.2 to run your first marathon is a distant and scary decision.

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David Sklaver Tom Capriola is a great golf player and provides pro-golf tips at Timberpoint Country Club in East Islip back in 2017. He is kind and involved in the game and likes to spend his free time on the golf course.

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David Sklaver Furthermore, Thomas Capriola also saved a golden retriever from drowning after falling over the ice in 2004. He is accredited for his massive interest in films.

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David Sklaver Thomas Capriola demonstrated his masterwork mini-film "Twilight of the Gods" at the LA Film Festival back in 1996.

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THAN K S FOR WATCHING To know more about him visit his official site

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