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Trekking Tips You Need to Keep in Mind: Thomas Salzano:

Trekking Tips You Need to Keep in Mind: Thomas Salzano


Trekking is an extremely popular activity that lets you take a break from the concrete jungles and challenge your limits. Thomas Salzano , a New Jersey based hairstylist, traveler, photographer and blogger gives useful trekking tips for your next expedition. Read along…

Start Training Early:

Start Training Early The sooner you start training for your trek, the better your body will adapt to the rough terrains of the woods. Strength, stamina and endurance are built gradually, so start preparing early.

Choose Your Shoes:

Choose Your Shoes Different treks require different kinds of trekking shoes. Select the right pair on the basis of the terrain , weather, temperature and duration of your trek. Buy shoes somewhere around 6 hours after you wake up so that your feet have expanded slightly. This way you’ll get the right size. And break in your shoes, use them before you actually go to the trek. Blisters now will lead to good trek in future. Blisters during the trek are a bad experience, Salzano says.

Sock Up:

Sock Up Choose breathable and waterproof socks for trekking. They will help you keep your feet dry and sweat-free for long.

Work Your Legs:

Work Your Legs Now this one, Thomas Salzano says, should be your prime focus. No gear in this world will help you trek properly if your legs aren’t strong. Run, jog, squat, lunge, and when possible, pistol squat.

Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated This one should not have been here, remarks Salzano , but he says he has seen many people underestimate the perils of not hydrating enough. Drink water to compensate water loss during trekking . The tougher the trek, the more water you should drink. Mix electrolyte powder or get a Gatorade for your hikes.

Practice Walking With Backpack:

Practice Walking With Backpack Spare clothes, food, drinks, etc. everything goes into the backpack. So it is a good idea to figure out the right shoulder and chest strap tightness. Wear your backpack on practice treks so that you know how to adjust your weight distribution during final trek.

Invest In Walking Poles:

Invest In Walking Poles Walking poles not only help you keep your feet planted firmly, they also help in easing the load on your knees. Moreover, walking poles also help in clearing vegetation off your path and aid in traversing the uneven paths.


When it comes to trekking, Thomas Salzano has many amazing tips to share with people. Know more about choosing the right trekking shoe in his other blog here. Have fun.

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