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Tenting Tips for the First Timers: Thomas J Salzano:

Tenting Tips for the First Timers: Thomas J Salzano


Camping is by far the most exciting part of traveling to the woods. New Jersey based hairstylist Thomas J Salzano , who also loves traveling, photography and blogging has been to many expeditions where he got a chance to set up his own tent. Of course he faced difficulty in the initial stage, so he got help from his experienced companions. As he started setting up tents, Salzano thought of sharing his tips with other first timers, because there’s always a first time for someone.

Always Make Sure You Have All the Equipment Packed:

Always Make Sure You Have All the Equipment Packed This can be divided into two categories: essential equipment and additional equipment. Essential equipment comprises of the following : Main structure, also called tent body. Pegs Poles Tent fly Tarp Tarpaulin, or simply tarp, is used as a base for keeping moisture away from the tent base. Make sure the tarp is smaller than the tent body so that water doesn’t accumulate on it in case it rains. Additional equipment comprises of a tent mallet with an in-built peg remover.

Label the Poles:

Label the Poles Some tents come with poles of varied lengths, and may keep you guessing which one goes where. Labeling them according to their length will help you put the right pole at the right place.

Follow the Manual:

Follow the Manual Sounds too easy, right? Salzano says a lot of people think they known an easier way of setting up a tent and don’t need the manual. The truth is: if there was an easier way, the manual would be about it. Instruction manual is for making things easy for you, follow it. Being stubborn will only lead to frustration and you may end up sleeping out in the woods, literally.


Practice : Before going to the real campsite, make sure you’ve practiced the basic tent setting at your backyard, or your friend’s if you don’t have one. The more you practice, the more naturally it will come to you.

Clear the Ground: :

Clear the Ground: Not only removing twigs, sticks, pebbles will give your comfortable sleep, it will also protect your tent from accidental tears and pricks.

Spread the Tarp: :

Spread the Tarp: Once you’ve cleared the patch from all twigs pebbles and other strays, lay down the tarp. It will keep your tent body clean and give you an added layer for a more comfortable sleep .

Repeat What You Practiced: :

Repeat What You Practiced: All the tent setting practice you did at your home is going to bear fruit now. Remember the instructions, set up the tent and prepare the interior for a good sleep. If the sky is clear and you’re at a good spot for stargazing, just confirm the weather forecast if it won’t rain anytime soon.

Always Count Tent Pegs: :

Always Count Tent Pegs: These small yet extremely important tools are easy to lose. These little devils are necessary to keep your tent held firmly with the ground. Once you’ve undone the pegs, count them to verify if you got them all, and use the mallet to straighten bent pegs.

Clean Your Tent::

Clean Your Tent : Cleaning tenet is important for storing it properly and easy setup during next setup. Clean it so you don’t have to clean it before setting it up. Plus, it helps in keeping your tent’s in condition.

Buy a Sleeping Bag: :

Buy a Sleeping Bag: Shouldn’t this tip be somewhere in the beginning? Thomas J Salzano always keeps such handy tips for the end because no matter how trivial and obvious they may sound, new campers tend to forget this. Things you read in the end tend to stick more, don’t they?


So, there you have it, all the tips first time campers need to know about tenting up. Follow Thomas J Salzano blogs for many more such amazing tips!

Get In Touch With Thomas J Salzano:

Get In Touch With Thomas J Salzano https:// www.levo.com/thomas-salzano https:// vimeo.com/thomasjsalzano https://www.instagram.com/thomassalzano / http://thomasnsalzano.yolasite.com / https://medium.com/@ thomassalzano

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