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Join Business Storytelling Course in Singapore. Call on +65 9366 4974 to join strategic storytelling course in Singapore.


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Join Business Storytelling Course in Singapore You have to regularly speak to many people for your business purposes. These include clients your colleagues subordinates your superiors and many other people. You must be able to communicate clearly to these people. The communication to your clients is most important for your business. You must be able to make your customers listen to you completely and understand what you are saying. Many times it so happens that people will be watching you but their minds will be closed to what you are saying. Even if they hear you they won ’t register what you speak. In such cases whatever you say will be a waste. You must speak in the way that it will attract them and keep them riveted to what you say. Speak To Their Hearts Instead Of Their Minds Minds can be closed to what you say but not the heart. What you speak must have an emotional connection with the persons who are listening. Whether you are giving a motivational speech to your employees or talking about a new product to clients you must go straight to their hearts. When you speak of facts and figures it goes to their minds which might not absorb what you say. But when you are telling a story it goes to the heart. You could be telling the story of your success to your employees. You could be speaking about the struggles of your employees in creating a product that is good for the customers. This type of speaking is called business storytelling and you need a business storytelling course in Singapore if you are not good at it. Reciting facts and figures is no use if your audience is not going to remember them. It is better to tell a story that involves the work of people. Such stories are easy for the audience to relate to. They will also remember the stories for a longer time. Even if you are talking about a product you can tell about what pains the product will solve for people instead of just telling the features. People can relate to the difficulties that the product will help solve.

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Your customers will remember such storytelling and the product for a longer time. Attending a strategic storytelling course will make you an expert in such speeches. Make Your Presentation More Powerful Whenever you are making a PowerPoint presentation do you see people either yawning or looking at their watches This means that your presentation is not making the impact that it should be making. The audience just wants it to get over. Making your slides colorful or having a great design does no good if you cannot reach your audience. Your presentation aims to make them understand what you are saying. A good PowerPoint presentation skills training in Singapore can make you an expert in this. Good presentations can have a great impact on your audience. Source: Website: Address: 100 Cecil St 15-02 the Globe Singapore 069532. Email: Call: +65 9366 4974

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