Top 3 Best Places to Use Dry Erase Board Paint According to Experts

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Top 3 Best Places to Use Dry Erase Board Paint According to Experts There are three most common types of learning styles according to the Fleming VAK or VAKK Model. These are the kinesthetic auditory and visual learning. However the most common among the three is the visual learning or the spatial learning style. This style of learning uses the visual cortex of the brain. The brain works together to produce imagery into your visualization. As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect." so this learning strategy should be put into application. As a visual learner you use images pictures maps chart and colors to organize information. Once you see an image or a picture it is processed to your brain to give information and you learn from it. Generally drawing scribbling doodling and playing with colors are the best examples of this. According to experts there is now a modern facility known as the dry erase board paint which converts any smooth surface into an erasable canvas. This is a very good idea to enhance this learning style. With the dry erase board paint any flat smooth surface like walls can be converted into a source of information. In this way there is no chance to fumble or forget any information. Based on a research experts advised that using dry erase board paint on these three areas not only enhance learning but produces more productivity. 1. School – The first top place is the school. As this is an educational setting students are encouraged to visualize the lessons. The facilities should be equipped with the proper tools such as chalk boards and whiteboards. With the dry erase board paint there is a larger dimension because any wall can be converted. So the teacher can roam around the room and put any lesson on the surface. This makes the classroom conducive to learning as it will draw more focus to the learners and absorb the content of the lessons. 2. Office/ Workplaces - An office is a brainstorming place. The work force becomes collective especially during meetings and conferences. During this process ideas pop out and team work happen. This is where best decisions occur. However with the present technology wherein laptops and desktops are all handy sometimes there are confusions on ideas. Experts say that it is still best to use writing on a larger boards or on the walls in order for everyone to see and talk over naturally. This builds more open communication as top priorities can be discussed in detail. Here also the use of dry erase board paint comes to be very handy as it does not leave stains of earlier notes after wiping the board and thus help maintain a clean slate for writing.

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3. Home - Lastly the house is the best place to use dry erase board paint. That is why you decorate it with your own design and style so that you will feel more relaxed. In this state more ideas come out when you relax. There are instances that a good concept enters your mind and all you need to do is draw or write it down. In order for this concept to be preserved and kept you can write down anytime on your walls and just erase it after taking a picture or copying it to a notebook.

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