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Drug Safety and Brexit There have been talks about what would happen once UK leaves EU which has put lot of QPPV Qualified Persons Responsible for Pharmacovigilance in UK in dilemma as the regulations say that the QPPV should be a part of the EU with the impact Brexit it will hit the pharmacovigilance system in UK as EU would not be obliged to carry out Post marketing surveillance in UK. Currently June Raine who is chairing the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee part of the European Medical Agency in which there are two members from each member state is from the Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency MHRA of the UK. There have been discussions about QPPV who still want to be a part of EU which might eventually lead to a negotiation between EMA and UK to collaborate pharmacovigilance activities together as pharmacovigilance is above politics By Joseph Mathew Sr. Manager- Think i

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About us: We are an organization providing technological solutions and result oriented quality services in Pharmacovigilance Clinical Trials Medical Writing Drug Regulatory Affairs and Human Resources. We provide cloud based software safety database solutions for pharmacovigilance which are not only cost effective and user friendly but also fully validated for quick easy import entry and electronic submissions of adverse event. For more details contact us at +91 9560102587 or +91 9810068241 Email: medicalthinki.in www.thinki.in C-101First Floor Sector-2 Noida-201301 U.PIndia Cell : +91 9810068241

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