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A close reading lesson plan.


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Close Reading: Jaques’ Monologue from AS you like it Act Ii scene Vii :

Close Reading: Jaques ’ Monologue from AS you like it Act Ii scene Vii Tia Hillewaert July 9, 2014


Objective Students will learn the skills of chunking and speaking to the text. They will then apply their new skills to break down Jaques ’ monologue from As You Like It for a future assignment.

Introduction of Skill:

Introduction of Skill I will perform the monologue from As You Like It , Act II Scene VII, by William Shakespeare. By giving verbal clues I will demonstrate how I chunked the work. I will then place a transparency up demonstrating my chunking and how I asked questions and made notes in the margins to help break my performance up into natural sections.


Demonstration Since the Monologue will be their homework assignment, I will demonstrate chunking and the talking to the text with a transparency on the Mimeo Board. http:// This article has nothing to do with Shakespeare or his works, but it is an interesting article that should spark discussion.

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice Students will be given a copy of the blog “I Hateth Shakespeare,” by Huda Jilani http :// Working in Partners they will read through the blog once and then break it into chunks The partners will then go through discuss each chunk. On the left side students will summarize what they have read On the right they will add notes in accordance with their discussions There should be some kind of underline in the text to draw attention to what was discussed.

Applying the skill:

Applying the skill Students will be give a copy of the monologue to break down for homework The monologue will come with the instructions: Chunk the monologue On left side summarize or put chunk into your own words On the right side add notes that you would like to discuss, a picture to help visualize, or an explanation of the feelings it invokes

Assessment :

Assessment The next day I will collect their completed close reading assignment I will give feedback on aspects that might need a little more work and praise for well done aspects

Student Feedback:

Student Feedback The day students turn in their assignment their journal assignment will be for them to give me their opinions on the close reading assignment. This will be their opportunity to explain their choices What was difficult about the assignment? What was easy? What did you choose to write on the right hand side and why did you choose that? (at least two examples) Could this skill be helpful on a different assignment? Why or Why not?

Websites Used :

Websites Used Quick links to the article and blogged used

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