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The Yoga Unit is your place to uncover all the amazing health benefits of Yoga. With the help of our qualified Yoga instructors, we’ve designed the ideal yoga program for you. Visit official website at: or call us to join at: (909) 624-4800.


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The Yoga Unit…. Where Yogis Unite:

The Yoga Unit…. Where Yogis Unite


About – The Yoga Unit The Yoga Unit is your home for Yoga classes in Claremont CA. Loosen up, breathe, relax, tone your body, boost your energy level and join the community of Claremont Yogis and Yoginis . The Yoga Unit was established by everyday people like you to reap the benefits of yoga and use them to work at their full potential. The Yoga Unit is your place to uncover all the amazing health benefits of Yoga. At The Yoga unit, you will find the answers to your health problems, stress problems, mind problems and more through the age old magic of Yoga. Enjoy Better Life, Better Mind, Better Health through Yoga


Class Description at The Yoga Unit Our classes are designed at varying levels of intensity to accommodate the needs of our yoga practitioners : - Ashtanga Yoga (Level 1-2) Beginner Flow Yoga (Level 1/Beginner) Core 26 Hatha Yoga Class (Level 1-2) Gentle Flow Yoga and Meditation (All levels) Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga (Level 2) Kundalini Yoga (All Levels) Mindful Flow Yoga (Level 1-2) Restorative Yoga (Level 1/Gentle) Spin on Yin Yoga (Level 1-2) Total Body Fitness (All Levels) Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Level 1-2) VinyasaFlow Yoga (Level 2) Yin Yoga (Level 1-2)

Pricing at The Yoga Unit:

Pricing at The Yoga Unit New to The Yoga Unit and would like to try out our studio? We are currently offering a week of unlimited classes for $25 or 2 weeks for $40!

The Yoga Unit - Gallery:

The Yoga Unit - Gallery

Contact – The Yoga Unit:

Contact – The Yoga Unit Get in touch Located in the College Plaza Center next to starbucks : The Yoga Unit 665 E. Foothill Blvd. Suite A Claremont, CA 91711 FB: Twitter: Google Plus: Instagram:

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