THE WAY WE WERE – Provide A2 Milk Delhi, Desi Cow Ghee in Delhi/NCR


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A2 protein milk is more healthy & nutritive & is provided raw & fresh at the customer’s doorsteps in Delhi & NCR.


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THE WAY WE WERE – Provide A2 Milk Delhi Desi Cow Ghee in Delhi/NCR GIR Cows are organically fed with Green Fodders grown in-house with the help of Composted Manure of GIR Cows along with various Soil Enrichment formulations comprising Cow Dung Cow Urine Other herbs etc. Thus the A2 milk produced from these Gir cows is chemically free. A2 milk producing GIR Cows at farm are kept healthy happy pest free as they are massaged with essential herbal oils like Tea tree Lavender sprayed daily with lemon grass Neem oil preparations. These preventive holistic treatments for cows results in avoidance of any diseases or any other health issues. Cows are not injected for any disease prevention or any growth hormonal injections to increase milk yield. Thus the A2 protein milk produced from these happy cows is not only chemically free but also Organic in its truest holistic sense. GIR Cows herd is ever increasing in the farm with average of 3 deliveries every month. Due to good care of diet exercise the health of the calves adult cows bulls is excellent. The milk yielding capacity of these Gir cows is hence increasing substantially. A2 protein milk is more healthy nutritive is provided raw fresh at the c us to m er’ s doorsteps in Delhi NCR. For more information please visit here: A2 Milk Delhi/NCR and Desi Cow Ghee Delhi/NCR Contact Us THE WAY WE WERE A-8 Nizamuddin West Annex Quarter New Delhi-110013 India Contact Number: +91-9873163741 +91-1147574444 Website:

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