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Who is Anthony True?

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Family Guy

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Country Boy

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Great Friend

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Strong Athlete

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YES! Student Ambassador

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National ‘Everyone Reading’ Conference at NYU - 2012

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2014 Learning Ally National Achievement Awards – Washington DC

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Natural Mechanic

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Oh...a nd Dyslexic! So what does THAT mean?

What is Dyslexia?:

What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is genetic 15-20% of students are dyslexic Dyslexia is a brain wiring difference Students with dyslexia are NOT broken – You just think with a different part of your brain Dyslexia is a lifelong condition

More Facts:

More Facts Dyslexia is the most common reason for reading, writing and spelling problems Dyslexia affects all aspects of life – Not just school Dyslexia and related disorders can affect reading, writing, penmanship, math, organization, and time management. People with dyslexia are often very gifted in other areas

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My Brain (Dyslexic Brain) Your Brain (Control Brain) f-MRI scans from Dr. Sally Shaywitz at Yale University

Myths about Dyslexia:

Myths about Dyslexia Do NOT see letters backward or upside down Does NOT effect mostly boys Is NOT a vision problem Does NOT mean I am dumb, lazy or less intelligent Can NOT be cured with a pill or program

My History:

My History Struggled starting in Kindergarten Diagnosis from Children’s Hospital in 4 th grade – Severe Developmental Dyslexia IEP 6 th Grade to now Special tutoring outside school 4 th -6 th grades School remediation 6 th -8 th grades Intensive sleep away camp between 7 th and 8 th

My Dyslexia:

My Dyslexia Trouble reading and writing Struggle with executive function and organization Slow understanding and processing language Rote memorization difficulty Can’t focus with tired brain


Reading Read at about 6 th grade level Effects decoding, fluency and comprehension Cannot read out loud Takes about twice as long Is physically exhausting!


Writing Poor Speller Can’t get what I want to say onto the paper Struggles with the mechanics of writing Technology tools to help M any drafts and help with editing (Mom)


Organization Disorganized assignments & notes Loses time Can’t remember sequences or order Word retrieval issues Confuses facts, dates and details


Other Working memory issues Extremely difficult to memorize Don’t understand directions Forget details Directionality Sometimes frustrated and angry

Learning Style:

Learning Style Kinesthetic Learner - Best hands on S tronger visual and very poor auditory Need things explained different ways Must review much more often Tires so breaks work into smaller parts to manage


Compensations Software: Text-to-speech, Voice recognition, and Ginger Learning Ally Audio Books LiveScribe Pen Other media like movies, YouTube, Kahn/Sophia, etc. And Mom

Current Accommodations:

Current Accommodations Extended time on tests and assignments when needed Use of Assistive Technology Tools Graphic Organizers and Learning Tools Alternate means of demonstrating comprehension and knowledge Testing in alternate location with reading assistance Spelling not assessed on anything hand written Would like to add scan and email homework


Strengths Creative Writer Enjoy H istory Technology skills Will work hard Not afraid to ask for help Really WANT to do well


Support A dditional Processing Time from Teachers Revised Explanations Patience and Understanding Ask me if you have questions about my dyslexia Don’t make it your mission to ‘fix’ me

My Committment:

My Committment Use my accommodations Use my technology tools Give 100% effort Ask for help Focus on being organized – My main focus

My Support Team :

My Support Team Mom and Dad Sister Extended Family Friends Tutors YES! Family Karate Family

An excerpt from my ‘This I Believe’ Essay:

An excerpt from my ‘This I Believe’ Essay

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I do have times where I feel like this is not fair…the truth of it is that this isn't a curse but it's a miracle. This difference has made me stronger to overcome some new problems. This difference has made me a new person about how I want to treat my life…Now that I have gotten over most of this difference, I am just like any normal teen… I am who I am .



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