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Who Is Anthony?:

Who Is Anthony? National Connections Private Academy - 2012

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Very Athletic Funny / Good Sense of Humor Kind and Generous Curious Very Smart Loyal and Loving Positive and Easy going Hard Working W on’t Give Up Oh . . . .and Dyslexic


Interests Skateboarding & Biking Hanging with Family & Friends Eating Traveling Camping, the Outdoors and Bird Hunting Relaxing with a good TV show


Accomplishments Karate Youth Ambassador for IDA-RMB Cross Country Runner


Karate First degree Black Belt Karate for 9 years Assistant Instructor Competitive Karate Team Ranked 3rd in Colorado in 2011 CKA Member

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Five Knuckle Bullet Competitive Karate Team

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Black Belt

Youth Ambassador:

Youth Ambassador Youth Ambassador IDA-RMB Over 4 Years Speak All Over Colorado Educate Families And Teachers about Dyslexia With Group & By Myself - Audiences of 25-300 Spoke at NYU in March 2012 at the Everyone Reading Conference


Running Cross Country 5k Runner 3 rd Overall at Annual 9/11 Remembrance Run K eeps me fit and like the challenge

What is Dyslexia?:

What is Dyslexia?

General Facts About Dyslexia:

General Facts About Dyslexia Language Based Disorder Brain Wiring Learning Difference Runs in Families Can be Mild to Severe Not ‘curable’ – Lifelong condition

Common Effects of Dyslexia:

Common Effects of Dyslexia Language Processing – Verbal and Written Rote Memorization Executive Function/Organization Directionality Memory / Working Memory

My Journey :

My Journey Struggled since Kindergarten Diagnosed in 4 th grade – Severe developmental dyslexia Dropped out in the 5 th grade - IEP in the 6 th grade Tutoring outside of school since 4 th grade Remediation in school grades 6 th thru 8 th Sleep away camp between 7 th and 8 th

How Dyslexia Affects Me:

How Dyslexia Affects Me Trouble reading & writing Struggle with executive function & organization Slower Understanding & Processing Language Can’t Focus when Brain Tired Cannot Shift Attention /Note Taking Rote Memorization Difficult

I read with a whole different part of my brain. And it takes me much longer to process the information.:

I read with a whole different part of my brain. And it takes me much longer to process the information .

Executive Function/Organization:

Executive Function/Organization My Mom is my Executive Function Use Notes, Cell Phone Pic’s, Voicemail Ask for Help, Reminders and Clarification Folder System with Online Gradebook Laptop / E-mail / Electronic Calendar


Technology Laptop Wynn Software (Reads Internet and Assignments to me) Dragon Speak (Voice Recognition Software) Ginger (Spell check on steroids) Reading Alley/Daisy Reader (Audio Books on Mp3) Livescribe (Smart Pen) Online Planner Most importantly - my brain

My Academic Strengths:

My Academic Strengths Creative Writer Enjoy and excel in History & Science Learn best hands-on Once I finally memorize it, I have it forever! Technology Skills Not afraid to ask for help Want to do well

Top 5 Public School Accommodations:

Top 5 Public School Accommodations Additional Time on Assignments Use of Technology Additional one-on-one time with teachers Verbal Testing when Requested Teacher and/or peer notes

Private Online School Advantages:

Private Online School Advantages Technology works well Can go at my pace and re-visit when needed More 1-on-1 support from learning coach and teachers GRADES: Public School grades – C’s and D’s Private online school – 3.6 GPA – HONOR ROLE for the first time in my life!

My Commitment to Success:

My Commitment to Success Use my Accommodations Use my Technology Tools Give 100% Effort Ask for Help when I need it Make a major effort in Executive Function

Teachers PLEASE ~:

Teachers PLEASE ~ Try to be patient & understand Be approachable & answer my questions Give me a little extra time at your convenience Just ask me if you have questions NEVER make me read aloud in class Don’t make it your mission to ‘fix’ me Don’t shame me in front of others or call me names

Looking forward to a great year!:

Looking forward to a great year! Thank you for your time!

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