Know the Perfect Seasons For A Trans-Siberian Travel


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This short guide aims to help people, who are planning to have a trans-Siberian railway trip, know the best seasons for a trans-Siberian travel.


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TRAVELLING the TRANS-SIBERIAN Know the Best Time of the Year to Enjoy a Trans-Siberian Trip

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The Trans-Siberian Railway is without question one of the most popular railway journeys on Earth. It is just a section of the colossal railway network that interlinks the European rail at one end with either the Chinese or Vladivostok rail network at the other. What makes the Trans-Siberian Railway unique is that you will be boarding on an extraordinary adventure across Russia Mongolia and China. If you are travelling with your family or friends you get to experience and see before your eyes the marvellous picture of countryside while you breathe in the fresh air of the Siberian hinterlands. Aside from that you will also have a chance to interact with people with different lifestyle and culture. These are just some of the amazing experiences in your trans-Siberian trip. Although you can travel on the Trans-Siberian railway anytime of the year it is beneficial on your part as a traveller to know the best times or seasons to travel the trans-Siberian. If you are familiar which seasons of the year is best to travel then you will be enjoying every minute of your trip. If you want to travel on the famous railway there’s really no need to stress yourself up because there are companies that can book you a Trans- Siberian tour. But as a client who is looking forward for an amazing Trans-Siberian tour it is crucial to choose to travel with a trusted travel and tour agency such as The Trans- Siberian Travel Company.

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S Russia IF you want to travel to Russia via the trans-Siberian railway the best time to travel and enjoy the picturesque beauty of Russia is in summer June to August. Although Russia is one of the most famous winter destinations in the world summer provides something that is completely different from the winter scenery. With the pleasant warmth of summer you can enjoy Russia’s lovely flowers and the green lawns of the most popular tourist spots such as the grand palaces gardens and parks. If you are planning to see and visit St. Petersburg do it in the white nights in June. During the white night there is no real darkness because the place stays bright until almost midnight. The streets and bars in St. Petersburg are packed with people trying to make the most of this wonderful time of the year. If you like to visit Vladivostok the best time to do it is during August to October the second half of summer and autumn season. During the second half travellers can enjoy the lovely and pleasant weather in Vladivostok. In September you can have a chance to attend and witness the Vladivostok International Film Festival or enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea. The Primorsky Territory also experiences its yearly peak in sunny days while the trees are shedding off its leaves.

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China The best months to visit China are in March to May spring and September to November autumn because it seldom rains and the skies are clear. It is relatively dry and the summer rain has finally stopped. Tourists may find it comfortable to visit China’s famous attractions in Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong etc. While you traverse through the trans-Siberian railway you can enjoy the variety of majestic scenery and sights because the snow that draped the mountains and the countryside has finally melted. If you travel to China in September you can experience China’s Mid-Autumn Festival the second largest festival in the country that is associated with different Chinese traditions and customs.

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Mongolia If you are planning to travel to Mongolia the best time to visit the country is in summer mid-May until late August. During the summer season the average minimum temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius and the average maximum temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius which is great if you want to enjoy Mongolia’s rugged mountains thick and untouched forest the bountiful grasslands of the central plains and the vast desert dunes of the south.

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