Destinations On The Trans-Siberian Railway That You Don’t Want To Miss


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Every serious traveller should see these sights along the Trans-Siberian Railway Line.


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Slide1: Top Sights on the Trans-Siberian Railway Line Take Advantage of the Picturesque View While On-Board the Trans-Siberian Train

Ekaterinburg :

Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg is a true reflection of Russian life. Surrounded by magnificent countryside and quaint Siberian villages, this destination is a slice of a winter wonderland surrounded by the Ural Mountains.


The city is a wonderful site for cultural and historical experiences, boasting the Romanov Death Site, the Church upon the Blood and the Railway and Military museums. To get more information on this destination and to learn more about The Trans-Siberian Travel Company , visit our website today.

Perfect St. Petersburg :

Perfect St. Petersburg For a bustling cultural experience in an electric city, visit Russia’s cultural and political capital - St. Petersburg.


Here you can find the Russian museum, the Hermitage museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and the Alexander Nevskiy monastery. Take in exquisite Russian architecture, gorge yourself on the local cuisine or simply explore to find out more about Russian culture and lifestyle.

The Fairy tale of :

The Fairy tale of Vladivostok can form the beginning or end of the Trans-Siberian Railway trip, even though this city was closed to tourism for many years since it was the home base of the Russian Pacific Fleet. But now it is open. Vladivostok


The top sights in Vladivostok include the Ploschad Bortsov Revolutsy , Vladivostok’s main square; the harbour of Golden Horn Bay where you can admire the magnificent Russian Pacific fleet; and the Vladivostok Fortress built to repel the Japanese in days past.


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