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Thesis & Code offers integrated services for research students in the fields of IT, computers, and electronics and telecommunication. The company helps students in software implementation and application. It also offers them training on the application of varied software and implementation of simulation techniques. It offers timely services in a cost-effective manner.


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How about a Professional Touch:

How about a Professional Touch


Introduction As the time is moving ahead, more and more complexity is ushering in the global business scenario, and in order to encounter those complexities, researchers in the technological domains are striving to come up with new solutions. However, at times, it may be proven to be critical to design solutions in such a way, that those can actually address to the real world challenges, regardless of their academic validity.

About Us:

About Us After observing the academic world closely for a stint period of time, we have experienced this demand among the community of researchers in the technological domains, and driven by this demand, we have come up with dissertation assistance services. Using latest softwares, our domain experts cater to demand of researchers in the domains of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Telecommunications.

Software Services:

Software Services

Software Services:

Software Services

Software Services:

Software Services

Publication Services:

Publication Services We understand that, unless a research work is being put forward before the larger community of researchers and the industry, the relevance of that particular piece of work can never be achieved, despite the hardships being put forth in developing that. Therefore, we have come up with our publication assistance services, through which we assist the researchers in getting hold of publications of reputed journals.

Publication Services:

Publication Services While designing our publication services, our domain experts have concentrated on few important areas, which possibly are the critical ones for a quality publication. Starting with the utilization of IEEE softwares, we assist the researchers with relevant research documents, from which they can choose their research topics. Lastly , we can suggest researchers about the journal for their possible publication, based on their topic of interest.

Training Services:

Training Services Only providing with solutions may not be the last thing to do, as empowerment may lead to a greater success. We have come up with our training services for researchers, by which we guide them to use several latest softwares, and in turn, assist them in building their capabilities. This programme can empower them with higher skill set, and assist them to stay one step ahead of others in the competition.

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Contact Us Address: 318, 3rd Floor, 10th Main road, 27th cross, Jayanagar , Bangalore, 560011 Email: Website: Phone: +91-8045133999

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